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  1. there is no problem that cant be solved with exuberant amounts of horse power

    1. Noooo, if she chugged two cases, that’d be a sign of alcohol poisoning.

      And she’d be dead.

      1. So wait, if I slaughtered two rooms of people, does that mean I get blood-poisoning. (I have never actually considered this. I have a slight case of hemophilia so I prefer the long-ranger assassination method)

    2. Seley didn’t necessarily drink two cases recently; it’s just that they should have two cases in the stockpile. 🙂 It’s been a lonng time since -last- winter. 😉

  2. Those moments you wish your cruiser had lights and siren for these emergencies?

    1. I’ve never been much for ‘flashy’. I prefer to be that thing people barely saw, if at all.


  3. I’d rather have plenty of caffeine from various pop drinks such as Mountain Dew, Wild cherry Pepsi, Dr.Pepper and Dr. Pepper Cherry.

  4. With your apparent love of alcoholic soporifics, and Foxes resourcefulness, I am genuinely surprised you haven’t attempted to make your own wine. It is not necessarily a taxing exercise.

    1. They might wanna be careful with idea. My grandad used to play at this. One time, my dad got drunk on the Saturday, and was hungover on the Monday.

      Wait, that’s a great way to pass a few days snowed in. Do it!

    2. We specialize in other skills, so we barter for the booze.

      Arrange a game night with a big pot of chili or spaghetti, and our awesome friends tend to provide all the spirits we can handle. 😀

      1. In other words: I haven’t gotten around to brewing my own beer yet and the government seems to have a problem with me making vodka.

        1. And you’d tell the government you were doing it, WHY? I mean IF I were to make, say, Poteen, or absinthe, I’d not be advertising it.

  5. The scene from Omega Man. Chuck Heston driving that monster through an army of vampires. We need to set up some snow goons for Fox to charge.

  6. I have never had an issue like this. For one thing, I’ve never drank wine, although I would like to give it a try… if I can find out which one I might like. There seems to be dozens upon dozens of types.

    And I also live in florida. No issue of getting snowed in. Now RAINED in, THAT’s a whole other story. And don’t even get me started on hurricanes and tropical storms.

      1. Sure, stockpile enough of whatever you might need to get by for at least three days or so. Once you get the basics out of the way, add a few luxuries to help make life more pleasant. A deck of cards, a bottle of wine, whatever…

    1. We had something like that in the U.S.
      It was called Four Loco. It was excellent.
      So they banned it. Because stupid kids killed themselves on it…

      1. You’re absolutely right….it WAS excellent. But once again, the Nanny-State busybodies just HAD to protect us from ourselves…….for the CHIIIIIIIILLLLLDREN!!! *Pi$$ed off expression*

  7. Skimming a little off the top does tend to add up after a while.

  8. terry post heer whil SLOSHED around midnight. Terry hop e that wen terry chevk for comic update in mornining TERRY SEE THIS and find out how pished terry was last night. ~#terry ask selly to remove this post in couple of days plz…

    1. Water is a good Idea, thankyou.
      Was birthday celebration.
      Still, when drink nigh on 30 units in few hours, keeping cases in is probably very bad Idea. I’ll do it!

  9. My solution to the worry about snowouts, i moved to florida.

  10. As a person who works in the meat department of a grocery store, I can tell you that as soon as people even hear about a 10% chance of “The Great White Death” (aka. Snow) they will swarm the liquor store as if they would die if they didn’t have as much food and booze as they would need for three weeks in advance.

    People hear the word snow and I get about three times as many calls asking when the liquor store closes instead of people asking for the price of steak. :3

  11. Home brewing? I’ve brewed ale, and while the results were tasty and cheaper than buying by the bottle, I can’t imagine stockpiling barley malt would be less of a chore than stockpiling beverages.
    It also takes at least three weeks to turn the malt into decent quality ale, and God forbid I’ll ever be snowed-in that long.

  12. yeah can be stuck in for winter without some IMPORTANT beverages ^^

  13. For winter use I can recommend a Whisky Mac.

    Blended Scotch Whisky and Ginger wine (Crabbies for prefference, but Stones is fine).

    Oh and an alchoholic is someone you don’t like, who drinks more than you do.

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