1. DivRank

    With all the red and the mesh I thought you all were watching Rocky Horror Picture show.

    • Terry


    • Robin Bobcat
      Robin Bobcat

      That one you have to have pretty damned awesome parents to take them to…

      … and if they’re the ones taking you there, that’s even more awesome.

      • Eagle0600

        My parents actually did take me to a Rocky Horror production here in Brisbane. Unfortunately, the music was far too loud, painfully so, and I had to struggle to hear the actual lines. Got most of it, though.

    • Fox

      I’ve never seen it, but my understanding is there are entirely too many females pictured here for it to be Rocky Horror.

      • DivRank

        Hence what piqued the father’s interest.

      • Aslan Balaur
        Aslan Balaur

        Columbia, Janet, Magenta,, Hmm, You are correct, one too many.

    • Aslan Balaur
      Aslan Balaur

      Oh WHY is there no LIKE button (or the moral equivalent of) on these comments? I was thinking Rocky Horror too.

  2. Fox


    • Stripedfox26

      Wear loose pants?

  3. Joel

    Who knew that Mandy was the daughter of Sam the Eagle?

  4. Stripedfox26

    Now make Fox sing for us if he really does remember the song

  5. Uncle Bilbo
    Uncle Bilbo

    Fox was Geek Squad?

    • Fox

      No. As I said, a long time ago.
      I wore black.

      • Uncle Bilbo
        Uncle Bilbo

        Ah well, I wasn’t here a long time ago. I need to catch up, but I usually only have time to prowl the archives during conference calls and that never works very well.

        • Fox

          Anything a long time ago is before I met Seley, and thus not in any comics.

        • Mandy

          I think he meant that he worked there long ago, not that he said it long ago. 🙂

          • Uncle Bilbo
            Uncle Bilbo

            I had dislocated my shoulder the morning this posted. I can’t blame pain-killers – didn’t have any – but I think I was reading everything wrong back then.

  6. VulpineWarrior-91

    …and all that jazz! Heh. Love it. Poses and expressions are perfect.

  7. BlueAnubis

    Seley: Mom! Why did you hit dad?
    Seley’s Mom: *puts on sunglasses* He had it coming.


  8. attic rat
    attic rat

    Culture? “Chicago?”

    I watched “Chicago” just once, and thought, “Things haven’t changed much in that city since then.”

  9. Mr. Greyclaw
    Mr. Greyclaw

    This pretty much explains why I personally do not like… “Culture”

  10. PKSlider725

    Personally, I’ve never had a need for “culture.”
    The only time I’ve ever not wanted to watch a musical was when my sister got the RENT DVD and was watching it every day… Too much of a good thing, ya know?

  11. Kakei

    Holy crap, that culture is hot!

  12. McMashMead

    Culture is about people without culture

  13. Xezlec

    So… what is the one on the left with the ears? A fennec fox or something? Trying to think what has ears like that.

    • Mandy


      • Fox

        I don’t recall any of the women in that story being anything but predators.

        • Mandy

          • Iron Ed
            Iron Ed

            Quick! Get the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!

          • Azal

            She’s got huge sharp…
            She can leap about…
            Look at the bones!

  14. McMashMead

    I like how mom has that I”I told you so” look on her face. She looks smug

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      Yeah; and Seley appears to be secretly laughing at both of them in the first panel. 🙂

      Last panel: Mom turned Dad into a “Culture Vulture”!

      • McMashMead

        I think we can all agree that Mandy is amazing at her expressions and characters

        • S'aaruuk

          Absolutely…..two claws up. 🙂

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