1. Kithsom

    Heh, I unfotunately live in a more rural area so pokestops/gyms are few and far between. That being said I somehow already have all three starters and a lapras.

  2. Rei

    That’s awesome that you two can play! Sounds like you’re having fun with it!

  3. glmdgrielson

    Good thing you have a convenient spot. I heard one guy fell 50-90 feet while playing that. And survived, somehow.

  4. Lucario

    I tried going on a walk today to catch some more, but only 10 minutes in the servers crashed (and always just as I’m trying to catch a Paras! I wonder when I’ll finally catch one). Guess I’ll try tomorrow.

    I started playing Pokemon all the way back with Sapphire, when I was 8. Because of this, I’ve had a lot of trouble with the extreme lack of information and odd type matchups, lack of abilities and inability to have my team hold items in my recently purchased copy of Yellow. I’ve kept playing Nintendo through the years and while I don’t get as hyped as Mandy I still anticipate buying Moon when it comes out. My brother and I have a deal: we each get a different game and starter. I have less preference so he gets his choice of game, but I’ve liked what I’ve gotten so far. (Sapphire, LeafGreen, Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, SoulSilver, Black, Black 2, X, Alpha Sapphire, Moon when it comes out.) I also like that while Solgaleo shares typing with Jirachi (a somewhat rare Pokemon), Lunala shares its typing with Hoopa (available in Japan only).

  5. Lucario

    Excellent drawings of the Pokemon as well! I suppose the Gen I Pokemon may be simpler, but it’s still very good. And I can’t believe you found a NidoranF. I got my only one from an egg, a trait many of my Pokemon share, especially the Tentacool given I live in a mountainous area.

  6. Xezlec

    My interest is waning a little due to the combination of server madness, pokeball starvation, and the utter impossibility of holding a gym for more than six seconds. Seriously, what’s the point of powering up my pokemon when I can already EASILY take down any gym in the city (and they can just as easily take it back)?

    • Fox

      You get XP every time you take it. The game is designed so that no one group can hold a gym and keep it. What would be the point of building a game with gyms if 10 people could dominate it against everyone else?
      The attackers always have the advantage, so don’t get too attached to your gyms. They will be taken. Just look at them as ways to get XP.
      What else are ya gonna do with all those potions?

  7. Chalo

    Whel shure my “Pokeservers” Don’t cooperate in my phone… Darn its very bad

  8. Kage

    So, out of curiosity, are both of you on team mystic or did Mandy choose a different team?

    • Fox

      We’re both Mystic. Mandy has always played ‘red’ everything in Pokemon, but I ended up being the first one poised to choose a side.
      I did this at 4am, on my bike, in the dark, sitting next to a fountain in an apartment complex Thursday morning wonder WTF the game was asking me.
      So I picked the one that looked like a sword with wings. :p
      Also, wisdom, and blue cuz I only usually wear blue.

      • Kage

        Haha alright, but how did Mandy come to choose team mystic if she always goes for red? I’m guessing you convinced her?

        • Mandy

          Eh, I got over it. Wanted to play co-op with Fox.

  9. Cloudchaser Sakonige

    I saw a video of a large group of people in Central Park and when a Vaperion appeared nearby, it was like a stampeding herd of herbivores

    • Fox

      This was brought up, and I worry about kids getting trampled in stuff like this.

    • Glenn

      Ah, the things you miss by NOT being interested in Pokemon. (Please don’t throw things at me. I’m a good guy, REALLY. LOL.)

  10. AlyxVixen

    I have mixed feelings about Pokemon Go.

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      I… have mixed feelings about Pokemon in general. 🙁 Feels like dog-fighting for kids; just, not with real dogs.

      • Glenn

        Welcome to MY world. I’ve never seen the fascination with it. But, then, I’m an old, OLD soul. Plus, I’ve never been too hep on video games.

  11. Conner

    Fox: All in or not at all.

    • DaveEscape

      Honestly, I hope the livery on the Charger is exact.

  12. Rateus

    If a game’s worth playing it’s worth playing TOO THE XTREEM!

  13. River Road
    River Road

    Remember how you said in one of those previous comics that Pokémon Go “can’t possibly live up to the hype”? So far it looks like it only got even more hype once it came out.

  14. Glenn

    I can relate somewhat to Fox in this one. I have absolutely no interest in pokemon. However, I’d be willing to do whatever the woman I loved wanted me to do to make her happy. (Well, almost anything. LOL.)

  15. Jake

    Jesus Fox, team Mystic?

    I thought you where gonna be a team Valor comrade like me!

    • Fox

      I’m too much like Batman to have chosen anything but wisdom.

  16. DivRank

    Go hunt your Pokemon. I’m getting Disney emojis. Gotta get the classic characters and the most recent ones.

  17. Mako

    I was at the range today – I can’t wait to see what people do when there’s a Vaporon 75 yards out at the 100 yard firing line, you just know it’s gonna happen…


    • Lucario

      It’s a 100 m radius circle that you can find Pokemon in. Most people will just stand just behind the firing line.

      • Iron Ed
        Iron Ed

        Keyword being “most”. 🙂

      • Anonny

        All right, 50m *behind* the firing line.

        • Iron Ed
          Iron Ed

          I think Lucario is right; they be “just” behind the firing line. People be oblivious! (and entertaining. ;-))

          • Glenn

            Well, better behind than in front of, although, knowing a lot of the, uh, half-wits today, they think no one can get hurt in front.

  18. DaveEscape

    I have not played Pokemon Go, but it does look like a lot of fun.
    I think I would just spend all my time looking for Haunter, though. XD

    • Nonchalant

      Pretty easy to find. Or you can get large amounts of Gastlies.

  19. Moonwolf

    Wow this costume in the Comic Looks so awesome.
    Please tell me you try to make something like that in Real life. if so,please make Photos 😀

  20. Don Edwards
    Don Edwards

    relevant link…

    (I could see Fox doing that… if he hadn’t fallen down the rabbit-hole himself.)

  21. w0lfmare

    I love Fox’s getup on this page XD

    • Kage

      The best part is that I wouldn’t doubt if he already had that actual outfit in real life.

      • Glenn

        If not that actual outfit, he does have one similar. Remember, at the Katsucon, her wore an outfit from Pokemon and it looked very similar to this one.

  22. Kumiho

    Ha! Legitimately cracked up with this one. Mystic4Life

  23. Nonchalant

    My area is full of Pokestops and people with lures absolutely everywhere. (I’m sure my building security guard is setting them up constantly at his desk, where there is a stop) Downside: Four of the nine nearby Pokemon are usually Drowzee. I have 45 of them. Numbered! Also, Valor. Woo!

  24. Bruce Bergman
    Bruce Bergman

    Hook, Line, Sinker, Rod, Reel, Chair and 10 feet off the stern of the boat… Sounds like Fox all right. 😉 This is why I’ve been mightily resisting.

  25. Don (aka "speaker)
    Don (aka "speaker)

    Sara went Valor. I got to level ten and didn’t see much of a point. Now I just drive her around from here to there and let her catch stuff in Fort Washington. We had a two hour grocery trip today. Meaning about 20 actual minutes in the store and the rest in a poke-stop cycle.

  26. glmdgrielson

    You know, I pretty sire this only became the viral storm that it is because it’s the one Internet fad which encourages people to go outside.

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