Freezer Fallout

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 Some days, especially those when you came home and immediately grabbed the vodka out of the freezer to make a drink, you just don’t want to deal with some issues as the arise.
“Yeah, well, that’s FutureFox’s problem, now.”

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  1. I really like this particular comic. I noticed three freezer food names: “Yay! Ice Cream,” “Potato Soup Jun 201,” and “Ground Turkey Jan 20-.”

    1. That implies the character Mandy Seley is expecting that, which might be true given the sketch card of that character previously opening the fridge to find a power drill inside.

      1. I never said Seley didn’t know, in fact she’d probably be the poor unfortunate soul.

  2. I do this same thing, but I live alone. And yet I still pretend to myself I don’t know who will be hit by the drop bomb next time.

  3. I saw vodka in the freezer.
    I was confused.
    Instead of posting a silly question, I used Google.

    And then proceeded to waste all the time I saved everyone, by posting this.

    (on an off note, I get yelled at every so often for “booby-trapping the fridge”. My reasoning is, maybe whoever opens it is a better catch then me.)

    1. Tetris skills are always useful. It’s the only reason my friends and family can take 1 vehicle for five people on a week long trip. Though my less tetris skilled friends always accuse me of leaving their stuff behind…until the car is unpack completely. You want into your bag mid car ride in my vehicle, it rides on your lap.

      1. My parents and siblings (ten all together) could pack enough for 2 weeks into a 15-passenger van and still fit everyone. Recently, I moved across the country with my wife and baby in just a 4-door sedan. There wasn’t much room, but we got almost all our stuff packed into it.

  4. ROFLMAO. I laugh because I can relate. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve opened a freezer, usually an upright, and had to play hockey goalie trying to catch everything that tried to fall out. AND, like Fox, I’ve usually left it for someone else to try to correct. (They never do. They leave it for me. LOL.)

  5. This raises an interesting question: “If futureFox opens the door next does he say ‘Curse you pastFox!’?”

    1. I think instead, the process just repeats in and endless cycle for yet another futureFox to discover.

  6. Y’know the best part of that? Slamming the door like that usually shakes even more stuff loose!

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