I don’t talk about myself much, but I’ll make an exception for this one:
I’ve always had surprisingly fast reflexes. I say “surprisingly” because they generally surprise me as well. But I suppose that’s the definition of a reflex: an involuntary action in response to stimuli. It skips a few steps…like ‘the brain’. What concerns me is I’ve observed that mine seem to respond to a far greater number of stimuli than most. My senses notice something ‘less-than-good-and-preventable’ happening and a split second later we’re all standing around looking shocked because I stopped it.
Everyone else because I moved so fast; me because I’m a complete control freak and my body didn’t check with me first before taking me along for the ride. I don’t like going to the doctor because I’m not always in control. Surgery terrifies me because I’ll be put under. The idea that my body ‘just does things sometimes’ is, at least, a bit unsettling. It raises the worry that I’ve no way to test these damn superpowers to see just how bright they are, and whether or not they simply reach out to catch things without considering the possible ramifications of such actions…like “losing a limb”.

In hindsight I suppose this anxiety is unfounded: in over three decades they’ve never gotten me injured (quite the opposite) and will only get slower. The above comic has always been a expected outcome, but has never happened.
I have, however, recently discovered my reflexes do not take into account what is between the object and my hand, and recently punched the railing of a banister trying to grab something falling on the other side.
I’m fine.
The banister can be fixed.

Seley\ Meanwhile, I have the exact opposite reflex, and jump back from anything that falls in front of me. I was a SEGA kid, maybe that’s it.

Fox\ You were a Kings Quest kid; that’s why.

For those who were expecting a Valentine’s Day comic–we don’t celebrate that day. We celebrated Second Halloween yesterday instead, on Friday the 13th. Maybe we’ll do a comic about that instead.

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