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  1. Funny pincushion face. Also it’s good to see Fox has his hand working after the knife

  2. Ah yes. I remember D.A.R.E.
    “D.A.R.E. to resist drugs and violence” as the t-shirts said.
    They still have this in schools, right?
    Cute pincushion, btw.

  3. Wait, is that pincushion an actual thing? I would love for it to be an actual thing.

      1. And how did you two manage to post the same thing at the exact same time? Did you plan this?

      1. Probably just mending a shirt. I’ve broken out the sewing machine in the past week or so because I want to make a few things, but the hand-sewing kit is mostly for repairs.

        1. Repairs… Man, If more people stitched up a tear in a shirt, instead of trashing the whole top, we’d have more… um… shirts in the world? Ahem. Anyway refreshing dose of shirt-recycleabilityness.

          1. Indeed, though I’ve done no better than to replace missing buttons, and roughly stitch up a hole in my pants’ pocket… And epoxied a cracked leather belt back together, but that was just me being weird.
            Huzzah for thrift! A penny saved is a penny earned!

          2. Penny nothin’, dress shirts get expensive.

            Is it that rare a thing to repair clothes? Huh. Maybe not everyone’s as hard on their wardrobe as we are.

  4. One of the scurvier bits of assholiness because there are people who’d mean it. Didja put your pins or scissors to non-sewing use?

    Also, why can’t I vote for you on Top Web Comics?

  5. I remember Dare back in Elementary… didn’t really understand what they were saying honestly. Mind was too focused on video games. Yet I somehow managed to graduate from that program without paying any much attention to it…

  6. This is funny. Payback for that women’s t-shirt: “It’s cute how you think I’m listening.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. What?

      …oh, huh, I didn’t even think of that, we don’t do lent.
      …I mean it was totally intentional timing to post this one during lent. Topical humor! 😀

  7. Makes me wonder why he wouldn’t consider you a peer. Now all he is giving you is pressure.

  8. Follow up to this comic: Seley suddenly gets a new pin cushion that looks suspiciously like Fox…

  9. Mandy, this is where you say “Of course not, I’m your better”

  10. Oh man. I was in elementary school when the D.A.R.E. program was just starting. I still remember all the videos we had to watch about how dangerous drugs were and all the c-list celebrities they had doing quick spots. I had one friend who was a pothead but I never knew it. I just thought he was weird and fun. But I remember seeing a large pencil box in his room covered in D.A.R.E. stickers. Looking back now I’m pretty sure that’s where he kept his weed.

  11. Seley looks absolutely adorable in the first panel! The artwork in this comic is definitely going from strength to strength, and the characters have never looked more animated.

    1. She’s a pirate seamstress; Look how she holds those scissors in her mouth, and doesn’t cut herself.
      No torn linen or cloth is safe from her relelntless swash-knittling.

  12. Somehow I think Fox would definitely fall under the “never meet your heroes” piece of life advice. XD

    1. He describes himself as “best experienced in small doses.”

      He describes me as a masochist, sometimes.

      1. So if I read the whole archive all at once, will I die of a Fox overdose?

  13. Fox does know that Canines and chocolate don’t mix, right? That goes for Foxes as well.

  14. D.A.R.E.
    D = Doughnut
    A = Awareness
    R = and Rotundity
    E = Elimination
    D.A.R.E. to keep cops off doughnuts…..

  15. I just want to say that the one tag is right*…

    DARE (the anti-drug program, not the anti-donut program), by the way, was subjected to statistical analysis back in the 1990s and found to be counterproductive – whereas the large majority of school anti-drug programs studied were found to have no statistically significant effect at all. So the program was modified just enough to get it reranked as “not studied”. But there have been more recent studies, and it’s still ineffective at best. In fact it was cut off from federal education funds in 1998. And yet it’s still by far the most common school anti-drug program.

    * (but who isn’t an asshole sometimes?)

  16. I just noticed something. In the last panel there looks to be a string attached to fox’s sleeve. I guess that’s what happens when you tease someone that’s knitting

      1. Oh now I see it looked like the line came off the pincushion so I thought it was thread

  17. I clicked the link to the Wikipedia article [I heard that the DARE program put kids at greater risk, and wanted to look it up] and saw “5.1 Use of children as informants” in the contents. Now I can’t stop thinking about ‘1984’! It won’t get out of my head. If this wasn’t such a great comic I’d be pretty pissed [as you guys say].

  18. Hopefully not being a peer doesnt mean being on the non-peer couch

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