1. attic rat
    attic rat

    It has been confirmed: Seley has at some time in her life been more completely “out if it” than I ever have! That’s …impressive.

  2. DivRank

    This medicine has to be much to Fox’s amusement. I suffer eye and nasal allergies from the weather.

  3. Lucario

    I thought it was just a good comic, until I saw the “really happened” tag; I hope your boss doesn’t bring it up again!

    Also, if you read the emails, how did you get your job confused?

    • Totz the Plaid

      Obviously, she was so far out of it that she misread the e-mails.

      Actually, you don’t have to be all-that out of it for that to happen, just kinda tired.

    • Mandy

      The actual wording here was changed for simplicity, so I didn’t have to spend six pages explaining my job/the joke, heh. The short version is, I mixed some terms from said emails in my head, and said “give me the details and I got this” in reference to a project that never existed.

      My boss had a good laugh over it, no harm done. 🙂

      • Warrl

        I bet your boss would get another laugh over the comic version too.

  4. welsh halfwit
    welsh halfwit

    Go curl up with Fox. Let him have it.

  5. Sean

    Three dirty words: Blue Palo Verde.

    Growing up in New England, I was used to seeing pine pollen collect curbside and on porches. Out here in the Sonoran Desert, when pollen season comes ’round, I’ve seen palo verde pollen duststorms. Just lock and load the antihistamines and put the good air filters in the HVAC, it’s going to be a rough couple of weeks…

    • Robin Bobcat
      Robin Bobcat

      I can top you in two: Fruitless Mulberry.
      Lovely trees. They grow nice and big, with huge broad leaves that provide massive amounts of shade.
      In pollen season, you can see *puff*s of orange floating off them. There are actual drifts of pollen formed in some areas.

  6. dtlux1

    Just sell a virtual house, problem solved.

    • attic rat
      attic rat

      …And just to make it special, sell it for bitcoins.

      Allergies..! The more contact you have with whatever you’re allergic, the worse the reaction gets, but to become desensitized you need more exposure to it. Argh.

  7. VulpineWarrior-91

    Ugh, I hate hayfever. It’s the only thing about spring/summer that I really don’t like.

    I don’t take antihistamines, either; I’m trying to build an immunity to pollen, and I think (hope) it might be working!

    • FossFoss

      Something I supervisor recommended is if you have the ability to do so is get some honey that’s produced near your house. Eat it by itself or however you want but since it’s made with the pollen of your area it’ll help strengthen your immunity to it. I’ve done it myself and it seems to be working. Havn’t had to take any allergy meds for a while.

  8. Terry

    Great expression in 3rd panel.
    There’s always something to love about your art.

  9. Hinoron

    Seems like this could have been the most awkward way to let your boss know about your second job. 😉

  10. Insane Kitsune
    Insane Kitsune

    Nyquil and Dayquil SUCK! UGH I don’t get knocked out, I get loopy and feel like I’m floating for hours after taking that crap. IT WORKS, but hoooboy do I feel floaty after taking it.

    • Warrl

      Well, if the choices are:
      1) be useless and miserable because of the cold, or
      2) be useless and floaty because of the cold medicine
      I vote for not being miserable.

      (But if you’d actually be somewhat useful, even if not at your normal level, I’d favor hanging onto it.)

    • Mandy

      I call those “trade lucidity for relief” drugs. 😛

    • Robin Bobcat
      Robin Bobcat

      Heh.. you young whippersnappers… You think NyQuil is bad now, you shoulda seen what it was like years ago. Let’s just say that part of the charm was also a high alcohol content. You would drink it and be OUT. Not loopy, not buzzed, GONE.

  11. McMashMead

    Woah… This comic totally describes a male teen’s life. No joke. I happen to be one. I also love the “huh” in the last panel. It’s like she is just dickering she is not a realtor

  12. Warrl

    That’s one way to convince the boss you really shouldn’t come to work today…

  13. PKSlider725

    Poor girl…
    I have chronic sinus issues, and get periodic headaches (I think it might just be because I don’t sleep as often as I should), But I’ve never been THAT out of it… Granted, however, I don’t use medicine (Just let my body heal on its own, I’m surprisingly sturdy). You’re okay, now, though, right?

  14. Sofox

    if(house.sold == false){

    //Easy as that.

    • Robin Bobcat
      Robin Bobcat

      error: escrow not found.

  15. Artremen

    A few years ago I had a flu and took some nyquil to go back to sleep, woke up at like 8pm, and because I have blackout curtains when I woke up my brain said it was morning. If it was 8am I would have been two hours late for work, so I rush called and was letting my boss know I was sick when he stopped me and said, you are off today, but did you want to call in for tomorrow? I couldn’t help but laugh about it, and it reminded me of the Lewis Black jokes about Nyquil.

  16. Robin Bobcat
    Robin Bobcat

    I am reminded of the old formula for NyQuil, which basically had to be drunk (no gelcaps back then) while sitting on the side of the bed, ’cause otherwise you ain’t making it there.
    “NyQuil, the nighttime sniffling sneezing stuffy head what the heck am I doing waking up on the kitchen floor medicine.”

  17. Meleeman

    You’re a programmer?

    • BlueBlur62391

      So what does she program for? Other than this site, of course.

    • Mandy


      “Code Monkey” was funnier, but I didn’t think it would be as universally understood.
      “Coder” and “scripter” are more accurate, but with the same problem.
      My actual job titles are “web developer / database administrator” but that’s just long and pedantic and blah.

      When people ask, I’m fond of Fox’s answer: “boring computer shit.”
      In retrospect, maybe the final panel should have read “you don’t sell houses, you do boring computer shit.”

      • Xezlec

        You are? Hey, me too! Not the web kind specifically, but still. I actually never guessed that from any previous information, but in retrospect I guess the proposal should have been a giveaway.

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