1. Cray Z. Bouy
    Cray Z. Bouy

    Creative use of a firepit/forge.
    Looking at image 5, I immediately thought “belt buckle.”
    Is that an awl? That’s exactly what I need to fix these boots!
    Zelda cosplay?

    • Cray Z. Bouy
      Cray Z. Bouy

      Or I suppose I should say “Link cosplay?”

    • Fox

      Yeah, super heavy duty belt buckle. Has to be to hold up the 15 pound shield. Had to learn how to anneal brass (Opposite way of annealing steel) to get the 1/4″ rod to shape without snapping.
      Got the awl for the thicker leather the sewing machine can’t handle. Works pretty well. Basic leather work seems a lot easier than basic metal working.
      The Hylian shield was an impulse buy for this project. After making the wooden proof-of-concept shield I quickly realized every sword I found looked like a toothpick next to it. Link’s Master sword came to mind, but even it was too small. The shield was part of a package deal I thought would look good hanging in the living room. I thought right. 🙂
      Fortunately the viking sword (right) I now have was sufficiently large enough to be proportional.
      The purpose of this project will become clear in the near future. :3

  2. MuffinMan

    Somebody is a little cuckoo for Zelda…..

    • Greyryder

      No, he just needs something to help him work through that Xena addiction.

    • Fox

      *looks again*
      The only thing Zelda in those photos (AFAIK) is the sword/shield combo. Those were just an impulse buy/reference.
      The purpose of this project is a surprise, but’ll likely be in the comics soon.

  3. Frank

    Four panels? in the same setting? Poking fun at yourself? That’s totally a completed comic!

  4. VulpineWarrior-91

    Just another snapshot of how varied and quirky your artwork is, Seley! Love it.

  5. TANAG

    No reason to feel sorry when we get some great sketches like these. 😀

  6. Ranstone

    Now as usual Seley, I’m overjoyed when you share a little peek into your sketchbook, and this was no exception, the awkwardness is so close to home; And just when I thought my curtailed dosage
    Was over, I scrolled down, and my heart literally skipped a beat. Buckles, blacksmithing and blades!? Definitely made my tail wag faster. Love swords. Where on earth did you get the silver shield? You make that too?

    • Fox

      Yeah, WIP. The MDF one in the 9th pic was the POC. Traced it onto 16ga steel I put a curve into with several hundred pounds of weight.
      Planning aluminum trim, cuz all that steel gets heavy when you’re holding it for a long time.
      Might add unfoldable kickstands so it can support its own weight.
      Will post progress pics in the future if anyone cares.

      • Ranstone

        Looking forward to it. Can’t wait to see what the project is shaping up to be. If we started a forum topic about this, would you have time to share some more details?

        • Ranstone

          never mind, no more forum. lol

          • Fox

            lol, so Mandy deletes the forum.
            She wasn’t really into it.

          • Silly Zealot
            Silly Zealot

            I’ve been meaning to ask this for awhile, and no disrecpect but why is Commander Badass always pass as Fox in the comments, even though we can clearly see his actual appereance in the thumbnail?

          • Fox

            Because I’m grumpier when I’m not holding a sword.

  7. Senko

    The set on the left is so cute.

  8. Jacob Jawson

    Thank you for knowing that a female peacock is called a “peahen.” Cocks and hens, see?

    I would like to say that I have been one of “those guys” in corner. Trying to talk a girl while literally EVERY OTHER GUY is just feels super awkward.

    I thought that’s what online dating was for. 😛

    • Rateus

      A female peafowl is a peahen and a male peafowl is a peacock isn’t it?

      I miss playing Magic :-/

  9. Spud

    I absolutely love seeing your sketches and really like how you made Seley’s facial expressions as it gave me a good laugh. XD

    • Xezlec

      Yup. Said it before and will say again: the sketches are just as good as the usual comics.

  10. FossFoss

    Come now Seley telling a guy it’s his turn in Magic is flirting to the max….Well at least Flirting with Danger.

  11. McMashMead

    I do not know what this “awkward” thing you speak of is. This is how I normally act.

  12. Greyryder

    The bar blunder sketches, especially the first two, are giving me sort of a Disney’s Robin Hood vibe.

    Looking again, the Jenna sketches have a similar animated movie still feel to them. I think it’s those wonderful expressions Seley draws.

  13. Marscaleb

    Mmmm, those eyes!

  14. Mopruk

    This comic seems really… Sketchy 😀

    • Mopruk

      You can’t stop my pun streak

      • AlyxVixen

        Of course I can!! For I am the Punisher!!

        • McMashMead

          “Let’s get down to business”
          “To defeat”
          “The Puns!”

          • Fox

            ♫ Speaking literally
            We’ll prevent such funs

            We’ll be clear, concise and not abet
            So don’t fret, nor misconstrue
            You’ll see we’ll
            bid those puns
            an adieu ♫

          • Silly Zealot
            Silly Zealot

            “(Do not fret)
            We must speak in English most formal.
            (Do not fret)
            And be as serious as lawyer school.

            (Do not fret)
            Follow my lead and you’ll pass as normal
            And hopefully not make me look
            The fooooool.”

  15. Darb

    Love the peahen! Also like that you’re using her crest to display emotion like a set of ears. 🙂

  16. Jake

    Ha! Going to bars.

    Where I come from, we don’t go to bars! We sit alone in our rooms at our computers and drink Pusser’s rum straight from the bottle while we think about how awesome it would be to go to a bar and actually manage to flirt with girls and not make ourselves look like idiots.

    … I made myself sad now…

  17. Pastangum

    New reader here, just found your comic via weblink from another comic (of some thirtyish) I read regularly. I read the latest couple… clicked back to the beginning, and spent several hours binge reading. I love it! I’m a sucker for slice-of-life comics and puns, anyway, but your mutual sense of wit is just wonderfully out there. And personality stands out like a beacon; I could tell that was Seley on the left side before the punchline. “+1 Reader Get!”

    Pastangum Felinix

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