Seley\  -insert standard artist excuse blaming a rough week and promising new content next week here-

Poking fun at myself on the left page (that is supposed to be Seley, I don’t always bother filling in her spots in my sketchbook) – a few years ago Fox gave me this shirt, it is an entirely accurate depiction of me when we started dating. Awkward Seley is awkward.
The right page is figuring out a peahen character for my friend Jenna, and trying to actually figure out bird anatomy instead of just winging it (har) like I’ve done in the past. The reference to Rick is one of my best friends, and her fiance. Apparently, I got that face spot on – almost as though “exasperation at cartoon-character levels of silliness from your fiance” is a familiar experience for me. 🙂

Fox\ OK, so, bad news. I’m checking into a rehab clinic so I won’t be seeing anyone for the next few months.
I’ve had this addiction that’s only been getting worse over time and now I’m completely obsessed with Mulan and Xena.
Fortunately the clinic specializes in heroine addiction.


I figured since Mandy is overwhelmed this week I’d do something to entertain. I’ve been tremendously busy this week myself, but figured uploading a few images to show some recent projects doesn’t take entirely super long.
(Edit: It totally did. WordPress is a pain in the ass. NOTHING CAN BE EASY! >.<) I'll either fill in the details later, or they can be discussed in the comments section.