1. Thisguy

    120mph equals approximately 190 kilometres per hour. The highway speed limit in Australia is 100 to 110. Needless to say, if you see one extra digit than you are used to while Driving in Australia, you’re more likely to have a problem with your eyes, or be intoxicated, than the car going fast.

  2. DaveEscape

    ‘Nos’feratu XD

    I drove one of those v6 chargers in California. Those cars are dialed in so nicely its hard to notice when you’re doing 100 or over.

  3. ibtycomics

    I really like the lighting in the second panel. It looks like two different street lights giving dim illumination while the headlights are brighter. I’ve never really noticed a car with illumination on the doors, and I like the Akira style blurring for motion. The road scenes give a very serene atmosphere.

    • Mandy

      The illumination on the doors was really weird. I thought Fox meant they had one of those under-lighting kits, but apparently he just put LED kits on the doors.

      Thanks! The lighting was really fun on this one

      • ibtycomics

        Glad to hear that, it looks like a lot of work and a lot of ink was used.

  4. Treesong

    I think I see now what the first panel is for–to say ‘What follows is Katsucon storytelling.’ Or?

    • Fox

      Yeah. This comic could have been done without the first panel, but we wanted to ensure it was understood this was part of the Katsucon story arc, rather than just some random event. We needed the charger for the laptop we were gonna use to present. Thanks for the feedback; I’ve updated the description/comment underneath.

  5. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    I like the guy ducking Fox’s enthusiasm in the last panel. 🙂

    • Mandy

      Thanks for reminding me I forgot to say who that is!
      That’s Floyd – good friend of mine and helpful pack mule for the convention.

      Also good reflexes, which is helpful around Fox, who does actually talk with his hands a lot. 😀

  6. Marscaleb

    And now I’m going a hundred and twenty, which is as fast as I can go.

    Beep beep, beep beep, his horn went beep beep beep.

    • Glenn

      If you know that song, you, like me, are TOO old to be reading these. LOL. But, hey, age is just a number. Right?

      • Fox

        Or like me, his parents only listened to the oldies station growing up and he was forced to hear it in the car all the time. 🙂

        Mine’s a bit of both.

        • Iron Ed
          Iron Ed

          My parents -were- the oldies! 🙂

  7. Randomize27

    I’ve used cop bait for decades! I came up with calling them that before the internet. But my follow is usually a half mile, just far enough to see the tail lights.

  8. Glenn

    I’m a bit confused about the license plate on the other car. What does the fictional name for a vampire have to do with street racing? (Sorry to seem so dense about this. The only speed I’m interested in is at a minimum of 5,000 feet above ground level.)

    • Fox

      Nitrous Oxide System, a system for high-performance automobiles that injects said compound into the combustion chamber for increased horsepower, is frequently abbreviated ‘NOS’.
      I’m fairly certain his vehicle was just as dark as my cruiser, if not a matte black paint job. So his pun of ‘NOS’feratu was just a play on words about having a dark (and I guess green is scary?) car.

    • Mandy

      It took me a minute – sometimes with car comics, Fox has to explain them to me first, too…

      Also need to edit this comic, the license plate is a little hard to read…

  9. Prototype

    Your “cop bait” looks like a late 90’s Supra by the shape of it.
    At this point those cars may as well actually be vampires.

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      And my first thought at the overhead shot was “Porsche 928?” 🙂 From any other angle it’s obviously something more on the lines of what you said though. 😉

    • DaveEscape

      Absolutely; I was able to tell it was a Supra the moment I saw it. Mandy is getting better at drawing cars. 🙂

      • Mandy

        Thanks! Starting to get the hang of it!

    • Mandy

      I’m glad you could recognize it!

      Fox didn’t remember exactly what kind of car it was – but I don’t know enough about cars to know what a “typical street racer” would look like… so I made him give me an exact model to look up references for.

  10. attic rat
    attic rat

    It’s fun when people who are doing something they know is wrong, get scared at nothing and run away.

  11. V4V

    Pressing the NOS button is like activating the Hyperdrive (click my name)

  12. Axmurders

    What’s even more fun is to pull up next to them in something they wouldn’t expect (small truck w/ a blown small block V8) and walk away from them like they’re standing still. }:->

    • V4V

      or a Beetle with a tuned up engine

      • Iron Ed
        Iron Ed

        an -oooolldd- Beetle with a Porsche engine in the tail. 🙂

        • Bruce Bergman
          Bruce Bergman

          Or a 61 Corvair that was lightly massaged on the last rebuild. (102 to 110-115HP with 63 heads and overbored cylinders.)

          Still do that with a Pontiac TransSport, that 4.3 SFI V6 will get up and boogie.

  13. Sean

    About two decades ago, I dropped off a friend in W. Newbury and jumped on 495 to head home. It was about 2A and I was really thinking of getting home. I hadn’t seen another car for at least ten minutes and had the highway to myself. I was focused on the road, not the speedometer and much else, apparently. A spotlight kicked on to my right…unmarked cruiser.

    I was driving a ’69 Beetle. The officer gestured “112”. I looked at the speedometer and the needle was wound down below the 90 and the oil warning light, so I looked back in surprise and nodded guiltily.

    The officer laughed, waved and accelerated away. Kept my foot down until my exit came up. Beware the man with 92 c.u.of angry sewing machine!

  14. Kang (\*/)
    Kang (\*/)

    So, whos the Agent?

    • Fox

      I didn’t get his number 😉

      • Fox

        No, seriously, it’s in the bottom of the comments on the comic. (Floyd)

  15. Joseph

    When do you guys usually respond to fanmail?

    • Fox

      On social media? Usually within a day. Our twitter feeds are to the left of these comments.
      Via email? That goes to Seley. She’s nowhere near as social as I am so it can take a bit, but I do remember her mentioning something about that recently.

      While some artists produce their comics as a full time job, Seley and I both work a 9 to 5, and have responsibilities when we get home too, so at times we’re a bit slower to reply than some.

  16. Azal

    I use cop bait all the time, though I’ve always heard them called the “rabbit” after the rabbit used for dog racing.

    • Dr. Optigan

      I refer to them as “decoys”. Every time a car goes screaming by me in the left lane, I say “Thanks, decoy!”

  17. Darvinika

    Recently, since I live in the middle of nowhere and cops effectively stop giving a shit after 9 PM, I took the the back road to let off some steam from earlier that day, and just floored it for about 2-3 miles. Broke 120 MPH, and according to the dash-eco-thing, burnt 60 miles worth of gas in the process.

  18. dutchguy

    Huge coincidence I read this comic about the same time i’m reading a book by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King) about a car that has Nos-4a2 on the license plate

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