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Seley\ Β I hated drawing cars, Fox keeps making jokes about them. I think I’ve just taken it as a personal challenge toΒ get the hang of it, now.

Fox\ This can probably be expounded upon:
We got to Katsucon on Thursday and I realize, despite all the packing we did, I forgot the damn charger for the laptop we needed for our presentation. I had to run home and get it. Fortunately we aren’t that far away.
As I was exiting the off-ramp onto the beltway, the driver of the other car got a full view of the left side profile of my car. Those dog bowl hubcaps, antenna and spotlight scream ‘cop’.
When I’m merging, I slow down to let the person to my left pass, and get behind them. I assume he had been speeding, and started slowing down too…and kept…slowing…down.
I finally had to slam on my brakes to get him to pass me. While doing so, I was further confused by a single, bright green line of light running diagonally along his passenger side door. It looked like an LED light rope. I’ve seen underglow car kits, but nothing like this before.
As soon as I was behind him and read “N0S” it made sense.
At this point he starts speeding up. My initial thought?
“Oh good! I can use this guy as cop bait and get home a lot faster!”
If someone is speeding, I tail them a quarter mile behind. If someone is gonna get pulled over, there’s a better chance it’s gonna be them. After a few seconds of this, I notice the rear ends of other cars are coming at us a lot faster than I’m used to.
I glanced down, saw one more digit on my speedometer than I’m used to, and let off the gas. The ride in the 2013 pursuit is so smooth I’d no idea the speed I was going.
About this time our vampiric speed demon decided to pull the old “I’ll cross over 4 lanes of traffic and onto the exit ramp and he won’t possibly be able to follow me!”
I was far enough behind him I could have easily followed that move. Frankly, for a sec, I thought he was gonna roll his car, but as far as I saw he made the turn.
Disappointed I couldn’t use him as cop bait the whole way home, but pleased I stayed with him for the time that I did. It only lasted two miles, but he was literally “Gone in 60 Seconds”!

Fairly certain he didn’t use any nitrous if he had it. The cruiser wouldn’t have stayed with him if he did. Still, made for a good story the next day at Katsucon. I’d never been up to a buck twenty in the pursuit before.

Seley\ Β Oh! And our friends Conner and Floyd (guy in the Agent 47 costume at the end there) helped us out asΒ pack mules for part of the con – thanks guys!