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 To answer a hundred questions: No specific real people cameos in the crowds, and some of the ‘costumes’ I just kinda made up.

(Will expound later, running out the door for mother’s birthday!)

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This was at around 2pm on Thursday, I think. I don’t even know if registration was open yet at this point, or if people were just camping out to get their badge faster Black Friday style. I heard later they processed people super fast. I guess they did, cuz I never saw a line like that again.
When I’d originally gone to Katsucon, it’d been a lot smaller and felt very comfortable. I’ve been to bigger cons and didn’t like them. I was a bit worried when I saw this, but despite the sheer size of Katsucon, I still felt really comfortable there, which is saying a lot.

Dressing in armor probably didn’t hurt. 🙂

Also, I think we stopped counting the number of Deadpool cosplays we saw once we hit around 15. or Sailor Deadpool. Whichever came first.

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  1. “Hey, look! I see-Wait… (*RE-reads artist commentary…) Nevermind. 😉

    SOMEday I hope to get to a con! 🙂

  2. And I thought the last comic had a lot of effort and detail! Probably the most characters ever drawn in a Curtailed comic. I especially like the Deadpool one, the MLP backpack extra, the extra that fell asleep on the other guy’s shoulder, two people angrily playing Nintendo DS, and even Carmen Sandiego between the word balloon bridge.

    I bought my tickets at the show, and the pre-register line was actually longer.

    PS: I want to joke and say, is that horse character a horse person or was he wearing one of those Spencer’s Gifts horse masks?

  3. In the last panel, on the right hand side, I saw a character that, if you hadn’t said you didn’t done any real people cameos, I would have thought you took the character from Jay Naylor’s “Original Life”. I’m referring to the character that looks like he’s wearing ninja style outfit. I can’t remember the character to whom I’m referring.

      1. No, it wasn’t Thomas, although I’d love to see him in this comic. It was a character that dressed up like a ninja to protect the fat kid from bullies who wanted to steal his cupcakes. Ah, I’d have to go through the entire comic to find his name.

      2. Okay. I looked it up and I believe the character was Thomas’s next door neighbor, Charlie’s brother. He went by Justice Defender. It was a rather funny arc to me.

        1. Oh yeah; I sorta remember that arc. Just not as much detail as you did. 🙂

          1. Well, if I’m impressed with something, I can usually remember pretty minute details about it. Anyway, the character I was referring to looks like the Justice Defender from “Original Life”, except that he’s got that crossed bandolier look.

  4. Do you get hounded by people who want to poke their way into your comic?

    Only con i ever actually went to was Gencon, the last year it was in Milwaukee. everything was a blur but amazing nonetheless.

    1. Nope. Everyone was really cool.
      It wouldn’t matter, they’d have to be written into the comic. I think the only reason we are able to both hold full time jobs and do this is because we don’t actually write comics. We don’t create comedy consciously–it just happens.
      We’re basically a documentary.

      1. ive long wanted to do the same regarding my real life friends, online friends, and family.
        i cant make this stuff up- im blessed with crazier then usual kids, averting the family circus style ‘daww they mispronounced spaghetti again’ stories. for example one day my elder daughter ‘batmanned’ at school, decking someone who was picking on a classmate (proving voltron is a better viewing choice for children then dora). she not only used ‘batmanned’ as a past tense verb but had been asking for a mask and cape as school supplies. this summer if her grades are up were building a pumpkin trebuchet, and adding an insignia to her cape
        as they say, everyone has a library in them. the quality of the books therein however are dependent on the company you keep

  5. Your hand must hurt after drawing all those background characters. The effect, however, is profound! 🙂

  6. I swore that I would never go to a convention again. Now you want to make me relive that horror?

    Oh yeah, those background characters. Your patience and dedication is appreciated. I have a friend who is working on a comic in which she recently introduced an extremely hirsute character. After drawing the hair in his chest and arms in detail five times, she decided it was time to tweak the story and give him a shirt. Artists must have their limits, especially on projects that do not pay.

  7. A bunny named Bunny – who’da thought it? ^_^

    Great work as usual – the background characters are all really well-done and everyone’s expressions are brilliant!

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