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 Fox’s strength training regimen: find as many excuses as possible to wear heavy steel armor on at least a semi-regular basis. Seems to be workin!

According to Fox, this ought to be relatable to basically anyone who’s ever been loading the car in the presence of their spouse (filling in his commentary for him as he’s off to Magfest this weekend!)

To be fair, he still surprises himself with his strength improvements lately, so I don’t feel too bad about still being a little skeptical sometimes.

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  1. I can just picture Fox standing in the parking lot in full armor and holding a blue-and-white plastic ice chest. 🙂

  2. I’m impressed by how much detail this comic has: the backpacks, knights armor, Indiana Jones hat and whip, banner, and Mandy Seley’s halberd.

  3. It’s amazing how much difference wearing heavy clothing can make on personal fitness…

    1. Friends and family wonder how I maintain such a nice figure eating cupcakes and pizza.

      1. Same here. My coworkers (back when I worked retail) asked me one time how much weight I actually had in my cargo pants (since I had 3 belts holding them up, overall). I didn’t know, so I weighed them, and it turned out that the collection of fishing weights, steel bars, and diving weights was close to 90 pounds (about 45 kilograms). Which suddenly explained why I was sprinting around on backpacking trips with my 60lb pack on.

        And I didn’t even notice all the weight anymore.

  4. Nearly every man I’ve ever spoken to has had the situation in which they’ve asked a female to help load them down with additional cargo, usually unloading the vehicle.
    Many aforementioned females then doubt his abilities to carry such a load, and his reasoning for not simply taking another trip.
    And this simply results in a discussion while you’re 90% laden with weight, which only increases the frustration.
    I hoped this comic would be very relatable.
    (Also Magfest was a lot of fun)

    1. I once explained to a gf that a large part of the frustration arising when women try to help men move heavy things is because of the natural size/strength difference between men and women. It’s just easier to do it ourselves than try to scale back our efforts to wait on the (usually) much weaker, and therefore slower, woman. It actually has -nothing- to do with “looking down on” the woman assisting!

      1. The big part of the frustration as I see it, the absolute WORST time to have that discussion is when carrying heavy things. Most attempts to “help” by grabbing things out of your arms are as likely to cause the accident as prevent it. Not a good time, get out of the way!

        1. We have a -guy- where I work who’ll do that. I don’t know how he survived 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corp! Yes I do; he was a paper pusher the whole time. 😉

    2. It can be taken too far though such as somene at work trying to move a heavy (as in we are officially instructed to use machinery to move it) piece of equipment by themselves. Needless to say they damaged their back and are still suffering from it.

  5. I love the transition of Fox from his shirt and tie to his suit of armor.

  6. *You are over emcumbered*
    Time to very slowly head to the car.

      1. Don’t be silly. Arrows weigh 0. You have to at least drop a dagger or a few potions.

        1. Of course going by this image he’s not yet overencumbered he still has weight limit to spare as she’s just tossed a red bag on top of what he was already carrying.

  7. I spot a huge chess knight in the first panel. It actually consist of the emblem on the shield and the upper part of the hat, but it took me a moment to get those object outlines right.

  8. He surprises himself because he’s not actively training, but if I had a suit of platemail armor I would probably also find any excuse to wear it just because.

    For the moment I’ll have to settle for my ARES vest.

  9. Sadly, many of us men will say this even if it is too heavy, but we’ll strain ourselves getting it out to the car and limp back to the door of the house and deal with the pain later!

  10. Back when B.C. was funny, I remember the fat broad calling that a ‘lazy man’s load’ and insisting that Thor (or whoever) make two trips. The weight is only part of it; if the load is too topheavy (which is not the case here) it’s risky no matter how strong you are.

  11. I do find myself less inclined to wear my armor as time passes, although it is a matter of pride that it still fits perfectly after almost 15 years. I expect that Fox looks better in armor.

  12. Hmmm, wearing armor would tend to build you a few muscles, can you imagine if the armor people wore today was made out of the same stuff they *had* to use in the ‘dark ages’? Fox would be totally huge by now.

  13. Remember, to become strong. Every day, do:

    One hundred Sit-Ups!
    One hundred Push-Ups!
    One Hundred Squats!
    Then a 10 kilometer run, every day!

    Eat 3 meals a day, and never use the heat or air conditioner!

    When your hair falls out, you will become super strong.

    1. I was thinking that was one punch man’s regime but the last part clinched it. I do like the fact that everyone else recognizes that doing that should NOT make you able to take out a starship with one hit but he doesn’t.

  14. From what I’ve seen, people who live sedentary lifestyles are more likely to injure themselves, because eventually they’ll try to lift or move something that a more fit person (who understands his or her limits because they’ve been tested) could.

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