1. IBTYComics

    I noticed last week’s style definitely broke the anime style and showed the characters in a style close to 80’s comics. My favorite pose for the floating heads is “I’m just a face and neck! Agh!” since it reminds me of the internet meme “Let me show you my Pokemans.” I would like to see the sketchbook entries continue after the vacation.

  2. DaveEscape

    I don’t mind that there won’t be any comics for a while; in fact, I always loved seeing these sketch pages. 🙂

  3. jprime

    Browsing those face drawings is oddly relaxing.

  4. Chelsea

    I love seeing sketches like this so you can see how much an artist’s skills have grown. You’ve improved so much! 😀

  5. VulpineWarrior-91

    Wow, those expression sketches are amazing! I’d like to see that bottom right sketch become a full-colour image, too – it could be the official poster for the comic!

    Would love to grab a beer as well, Mandy, but unfortunately I live in the UK.

  6. TANAG

    These are really nice sketches, and take care on your work-related road trip Fox

  7. Marscaleb

    Those early colored sketches look like they came from Disney’s Robin Hood.

  8. Glenn

    I quite agree with your assessment of the bottom drawing. I believe it would look great, especially if you have Fox giving you one of his famous snarky comments about the game you’re playing. LOL

  9. Lucario

    My avatar is just something I modeled freshman year. I had a lot of free time, so I practiced my 3D modeling by making some Pokemon. (You’ll find the models if you click my name link.) When I finished the Lucario, I figured “Hey, why not?” and set the high-quality rendering as my avatar. (Someday, I wish to find the time to change the model to a Salamence.)

    • Greyryder

      I created a character around my online handle, and then made an action figure of him.

      I just wonder if I should switch to a body shot, instead of the closeup.

  10. Ranstone

    I still suffer from the “Crutch” thing, even if it’s not anime… Congrats on breaking out of it. You go gurl.

    P.S. “Fluff!” lol

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