Vacation Sketches 2

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 I threaten one of my friends fairly often with attack hamsters. These were some of my cunning plans.

Below that, a drawing of a cabin where I stayed with some friends last summer – it’s not my usual “silly talking animals” kind of drawing, but I was pretty proud of it, so you guys get to see it. 🙂

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  1. First panel: You draw the cutest furry little blobs! How do you get so much out of so little??
    Second panel made me think of “Where Rodents Dare”. 🙂 (Pinkie & The Brain)
    Third panel reminds me so much of the rabbits in the first “Open Season” movie!

    I can’t do anything nearly this well; but, I used to draw little things on pieces of masking tape and hide them in mainframe computers, under covers the girl at the end of the line had to remove to do her inspections. Found out later she’d saved them on the side of her took cart!

    Very nice cabin. I like that the linework makes it look very rustic. Excellent perspective views as well!

    How long would you guess it took to do these things?

    1. Thank you!

      The hamster drawings usually take just a few minutes, maybe 15 to 20 for the ones in tactical gear. They’ve become a bit of a go-to for drawing something fast/cute/not complex at all, heh

      The lodge drawing was a couple of hours – I remember that one because I went up to the campsite much earlier than my friends (wanted to beat traffic) and arrived before any of the neighboring campers had shown up, either. I had a good chunk of time to sit, draw, and enjoy the solitude out in the woods – it was great!

  2. Have you ever considered giving these hamsters their own comic? Or TV show? Or you know you can always genetically engineer them have them overthrow the crown (whichever crown).

    Just tossing in some encouragement. They are so cute. ^^

    1. If I had all the time in the world for all the projects in the world, I think tactical hamsters would make a great concept for a video game 🙂

  3. Panel 1: (To the music of Holy Night)
    “Delicious Seeds! Scrumptious Seeds! We need more! So open the door! And fill our bowl to overflowing!”

    Also beautiful architectural drawing of the cabin, Seley.

  4. Hamtaro, as of today you will join the secret organization, only know as…. The Ham-Hams.

  5. Those hamsters would scare me! XD
    They wouldn’t fair well around my cats though, I’d have to save them…

  6. D’awww, little fluffball hamsters! :3

    Nice work on that cabin too.

  7. Your lodge is pretty good but seems unfinished. If so, I’d love to see it completed.

    1. Your complement is pretty good, but it seems unfinished. If so, I’d love to see it completed.

      1. Well, okay.

        The perspective of the lodge is consistent and cohesive. The linework is rather light but mainly clean and clear enough and functional. The particular point of view of the lodge chosen is interesting and dynamic as opposed to the usual straight-on gazing at a house or object with the subject of the artwork usually positioned in the center.

        I spoke of the work being unfinished- I was specifically thinking about about the rock-and-mortar supports on the lower right corner. The thing is- I <3 <3 <3 them. They were quickly sketched and yet the shape they're in is interesting, authentic, and superb. I'd really love to see them more fleshed out. Lastly, there's the background forest at the right side; working on them just a bit more would simply complete the picture.

        1. Thank you for taking the time for that detailed feedback! I really appreciate it!

          You’re right that I got a little lazy on the stone supports, and never got around to adding more detail to the woods in the background – I probably put the most time into those interlocking logs at the corner of the cabin, since they were the most visually interesting part of it to me.

          Appreciate the kind words! Especially because I’m mostly known for funny talking animals, it’s a lovely surprise that people are finding things they like about my building drawing, too 🙂

  8. I have a book I was given several decades ago, “Do it Yourself Brain Surgery and Other Home Skills”. It includes a chapter on breeding combat Hamsters.

    1. Someone mentioned something about this while I was there, but it wasn’t at the same time as my trip.

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