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He spent hours filtering and re-filtering and boiling water to see if he could get it to work, and the results were… perhaps less than impressive.


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Man Rule #73 — If your friend says something tastes bad, you have to taste it as well to be sure.
It tasted like ass. 🙂

ATTENTION–All members of The Actually Squad:
(Because it seems this had to be said)

Conner filtered, boiled and then added iodine to the river water when this happened. The river simply had a high sulfur content.

Mandy, Conner and myself are amateur survivalists.
Mandy and I have emergency response training.
My Master of Science focuses on security and assurance and a big part of that is risk assessment, threat matrices, mitigation and/or avoidance.
Conner’s major in college was Risk Management.
Conner has been studying and training to hike the longest mountain range in the United States.
We make safety an important part of our lives and do a great deal of research on topics that interest or concern us.

All that said, I’m going to say this once:
If you filter and then boil unpolluted water, it is safe to drink.

If you’re in a national park, learn the simple steps to make water potable.
If you’re downstream from a bio-weapons lab and/or mining camp fueled by an on-site nuclear reactor, go get bottled water. In fact, just get away from there; water-borne illness is the least of your worries.

A lot of people, every day, drink water that doesn’t come out of a tap. Don’t spread fear and misinformation by telling people spores or super-bacteria or viruses can survive boiling water and somehow steal your soul or kill the Easter Bunny.  Those comments will be deleted.
Thank you.