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Surprise early comic! Posting this just as opening ceremonies commence for Katsucon 2016, in celebration of our first convention appearance!
Even if you can’t be at the convention, keep an eye on our Twitter feeds (@Mandy_Seley and @FoxCurtailed)!

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 The running joke in anime is “magical transformations take so loooong” – but, really, it’s still a heck of a lot faster than getting dressed the old fashioned way!

If I had infinite time and infinite energy you can bet this would be fully animated. I was storyboarding all kinds of possibilities in my head for what his magical object would be and how his “uniform” would appear… I just adore anime special-effect-explosion transformation and attack sequences, and I’ve always kind of wanted to animate one just for fun.
In the meantime, it turns out even drawing them in comic form is a blast. 😀

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The secret is out. This is why men take so much less time to get ready.
I was serious about her just wanting to draw this stuff.
All the speaking parts and first half of the actions actually happened.
I pointed out she doesn’t have on any pants.
Mandy’s reply: “It’s a dress!”
“That’s…a really short dress.”
“I’m gonna go with ‘You were rushing so much you started putting on your boots before your pants.'” 🙂

Also, because we’re at KATSUCON 2016 RIGHT NOW(!!!) as VIPs/Guests of Honor/people I’m totally posting this too ^_^ Because it makes me laugh for some reason

Gun Polka! 😀 Characters are from an anime called…*googles*…Magic Girl Madoka, which I’m glad I stumbled in on Mandy watching, and watched a bit. Cuz I dismissed it at first glance, but it actually makes you think. Recommended, and I don’t generally like magic-girl-anything.

30 comments on “Quick Change Artist

  1. Damnit Fox, why do you keep revealing our secrets to the world??? We have so few secrets that are unknown to the opposite sex, you keep this up we’ll be drab and boring again!

  2. This sums up a bunch of things in my house. And I can’t not laugh at the shirt picture in the description

  3. That video gave me the third chuckle of this night/morning, thanks!
    The extra-large comic is great, nicely silly too! I, however, am known to take 2+ hour showers! XD

  4. Hey Mandy, why don’t you guys do a comic with the characters of Savestate (Kade and Nicole) they both are gamers like you, it would be pretty cool :3

  5. At first I thought the first image of Fox in the shower was that he had fallen asleep on his feet.

    1. I totally agree. I have watched Madoka as well and it is unlike any other ‘magical girl’ anime I have ever seen, it’s not a ‘light’ anime and often gets quite….dark in places, but that is all I’m saying, don’t want to spoil it for Mandy 😉

      1. Dark? Yes I suppose that’s one way of putting it . . . one way . . .

        Another one I personally like is Lyrical Nanoha less dark but it still does a fairly interesting representation of the problems an actual magical girl would have.

  6. Some guys (like me) aren’t pretty enough to do the anime thing–but being a guy, I can wear the same shirt and pants for three or four days to save the time it takes to choose clothing, fill the pockets, and run the belt through the belt-loops.
    …And I don’t have to dry my hair after a shower, ’cause the water just makes it easier to comb. Time savers!

    1. Between you and Fox, all of the dressing secrets of us guys are going to be out in the open. Women have 50,000 secrets and men only have about 50. Please, PLEASE don’t give them ALL away.

          1. Fear not–few among the mysterious female tribe will consider my words, and those who do will count me as naught but a barbarian. What I say will be ignored. So has it been, and so will it ever be.

  7. Another instance of “Seley wanted to draw something so now it’s in the comic”?

  8. Panels 3,4,7: The water bouncing off Fox’s head looks like words I can alllmooost read!

    1. I thought the same thing. I tried zooming in, but they just got fuzzier. I was going to ask Mandy if they really were words or just a water effect, but you kind of already did.

      1. Well, since Fox mentions the “anime transformation sequence” it reminded me of times I’ve watched anime shows. Whenever a character takes a shower, the water effect you mention looks very much like that.

    2. It does look like really tiny writing doesn’t it, nice effect. Can’t say I”ve ever watched the water when a characters having a shower though but then I prefer the commedy so someones about to walk in and soon violence will ensue.

  9. You should make “Seley wanted to draw something” a new comic tag. : P

  10. Rush and you mess something up. Tis why rule # 1 for me is “Do. Not. Rush.”

    I’d rather be five minutes late, but looking sharp and having everything I need… than on time and all fucked up.

  11. Seley, going by the 6th panel, it looks like your hair dryer could double as a leaf blower. :-p 😉

  12. Mandy, I think you should still animate Fox’s transformation sequence. It doesn’t have to be all at once, and even if it takes a couple of years, I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

  13. Word of advice to any girl thinking of challenging a guy to a race to get ready don’t. Makeup, outfits, showers it all takes longer for a girl even if you rush it takes longer because your doing more to get ready. Of course I do love her reaction to his honking the horn.

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