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  1. Is there any male that hasn’t done that as soon as he got his hands on a boroscope? We were at a restaurant when I showed mine to my dad…

  2. Well… Now you can look inside the walls at the water damage without tearing the entire wall down…

      1. There was a Wrecking Bar within reach, and… Well… It went off. That’s my story, and I’m Sticking With It.

        (Drywall is easy and cheap to replace, just time consuming – it’s all the structural stuff underneath it that isn’t easy, nor cheap.)

  3. I got mine from Wish for $12! Fun aren’t they? Also got a thermal imaging camera that hooks up to my phone. (wasn’t from Wish, Amazon splurge)It’s great if you lose a cat in a wall. X3

  4. Shit, I’m old. I remember when a boroscope cost $400, and needed to be coupled to a RC-remote lookin’ thing, with a tiny, shitty LCD display.

  5. We bought one of those. Thought it would be so useful to see inside walls and holes and stuff. But it turns out that we just couldn’t make heads or tails of anything we were looking at. Ultimately it was a big waste of money because it was never actually useful.

    1. I’ve had a similar experience, but only because the focal point is 6mm from the camera, so you need precise placement, then it works well.

      1. That sounds about right. But when we were shoving it in our walls, seeing 6mm in front of the camera wasn’t very useful.
        Also, your scope is probably better. At the very least, if it hooks up to your phone you probably have a better image than what we had on the scope’s built-in LCD screen.

  6. Mine has a 5meter cable…
    (I have another with only 2meter cable, which I’m going to attach next to the spindlee of my CNC machine.)

    And my workphone has a built-in FLIR camera.

  7. Well considering the ever-present tag of “Fox is an asshole” there springs to mind ‘another place’ he -could- have stuck that camera… haha.

  8. I bought a Bore Scope (same thing) with its own TV screen. First time I showed it to friends it became immediately useful, being used to find the missing car keys which had fallen thru the gear shift boot and lodged on top of the gearbox – did I mention the clip on hook and magnet?

  9. Instant flashback to 1993 when I watched Falling Down sitting in the first row. At first you didn’t understand just what the heck was happening, but as the camera slowly zoom out you realise that the hairy cave that took up the whole screen was one of Michael Douglas nostrils. Not a pleasant start of the movie when you are sitting up front center…

    1. Which reminds -me- of when my best friend and I went to see the -original- “Star Wars” movie for the first time. The only two seats left in the theater were _Front_Row_Center_!!!_ That was absolutely -great- for a first-time viewing! Especially as we had no idea what to expect. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Last time I used a tiny vidcam, I jammed it in my mouth to look at the back of a sore tooth. Aaawww, crap, gotta go see a dentist.
    Well, I guess there are worse places to stuff a camera.

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