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    1. I’m not. 2nd Generation American. So I’m almost Irish.

      Or as one bartender put it after I said “No, I’m American. I just have some Irish ancestry.”:
      “Oh good. Oi geet Ameericans comin’ en tellin’ me deer Oirish. Deer Oirish cuz dey gout ah gereat-gerate gerandfader who ‘ad a beroder wid ah couwsin dat was born in Kerry. Oi’m lioke: “What den? Aer ye Oirish in yer lit-el toe?”

      1. Lol! Love your “Irish spelling”, even though I had to read it several times to get the pronunciation right. I’m particularly fond of the fact that you wrote “great” in two different ways (whether that was a typo or purpose) :-D.

  1. When was Fox in Ireland? If we’d met I would have “stood” him a drink.

    1. Well everyone loved us when we told them we were Americans, so it would have been–…
      (checks when Obama was elected)
      –about 10 years ago.

      We also went in February so they’d had all year to stop hating tourists.

  2. Jokes aside, this really makes a lot of sense. It might be one of the few preventative policies that actually saves money. Plus,I think there’s just a fun atmosphere to the idea of standing at a bar.

  3. Three comments:

    Fox … with terrible puns like that one, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you are a fan of Stephan Pastis.

    Mandy … PLEASE tell me you don’t encourage him!

    LOVE the expression on the victimized woman’s face in the third panel!

    1. I’m thinking she’s Mandy’s mother. Mandy draws her mother as a dark furred feline and her father as an eagle. I notice that there is an eagle next to the feline; that’s why I believe it’s Mandy’s mother.

  4. Am I the only person whose feet start to hurt unbearably after standing for a long time?

  5. This bar they’re in now, is it “Callahan’s?” (or, nowadays, “The Place,” down in Key West) Because that kind of behavior is normal there… is does get peanuts thrown at you if the pun is particularly bad, but it IS normal!

  6. Is that Callahan’s cross-time saloon? Don’t forget to throw the shot glass into the fire!

  7. The big question for me is did he know the person he was punning to or is that just a random person at the bar? If I’d been the random I’d have groaned at the pun but liked you more for it!

    1. It’s someone who should have expected an ending like that…Seeley’s Mom! 🙂

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