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Just after a nod to Precocious, here’s a nod to another of my favorites, Breaking Cat News! Spoofed with gracious permission from Georgia Dunn – go read her comics, especially if you’re a cat owner. ๐Ÿ™‚

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For those who don’t know, mud daubers are ferocious looking insects from the wasp family. As we all know, you leave wasps alone, because they are evil and angry and will try to kill you. However mud daubers are surprisingly docile members of this family with a single-minded goal of collecting as much mud as possible while simply navigating around larger creatures the way we would walk around lamp posts. Mud daubers don’t care about anything but the mud. They were literally coming to our backyard from locations somewhere well above the 50′ trees behind our property, as they’d fly straight up and over every time they were done. As we were pouring rocks they’d simply keep moving around the trench to get to another area not yet covered. When using a plate tamper, water can be forced to the surface of the rocks, bringing with it all the fines (dust) from the gravel, which is a kind of mud. The daubers even showed up to collect this, despite this extremely heavy and loud machine (+100db) shaking the ground right next to them. Mud daubers do not care. They only want the mud.

This was originally going to be the comic about them collecting mud and looking up to say “THAT MACHINE IS VERY LOUD, ZIR!” as they’d simply dart out of the way at the last second and come back seconds after the tamper moved away.

Mud daubers know they’re faster than you and just move rather than getting angry. They’ve too much mud to collect to get angry.

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  1. What? A wasp that doesn’t wish to bring death upon every other living thing it sees? Impossible!

    1. Nature is full of surprises: there’s cuddly animals that will try to murder you for no reason and then there are dangerous-looking critters that only care about their mud.

    1. They can’t say “muck” on bee-tv! :u Someone get that bee fired!

      Love the comic, keep it up! <3

  2. They can’t build their nests without mud! What’s more important? Revenge upon the noisy giants, or nest-building? Think of the larvae!

  3. Hmm. Looks like all the comics from August have disappeared…

    I hope you enjoyed your month off of creating comics and are fully recovered, Mandy!

    1. Bully! I distinctly recall several comic-style events which featured small, young evil creatures from an alternate universe! The Government can’t cover it up!

      Bully! I find this comic amusing!

  4. So What Happened to the Precocious Crossover Comics?

    I Can Relate to this Comic and this Pleases Me!

    1. Yes, I can Relate to this Comic and…Don’t Change the Subject!

      I also Like Pudding! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. “This was originally going to be the comic about them collecting mud and looking up to say โ€œTHAT MACHINE IS VERY LOUD, ZIR!โ€ as theyโ€™d simply dart out of the way at the last second and come back seconds after the tamper moved away.”

    Is there any chance we could see that as a follow-up comic? That would be adorable!

    1. I’d Prefer If you Didn’t Mention Mr. Naylor, the Man’s…Pretty Disturbed…

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