Technical Difficulties

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Polymeric sand + water to seal the joints in between the pavers when we were done. The mud daubers returned instantly. They’re quick!

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Daubers gonna daub.

He seriously would not go away while I was trying to work.
They can’t dodge wind gusts–they can’t see them coming. And I didn’t want to slam them into the concrete, so I finally just waited until I had a good angle and launched them into the woods.

Fox uses LEAF WHOA!

It was. I was surprised how far he went. That leaf blower is awesome.

14 comments on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Not specifically related to this page, but I really like your comic. I just found it, and before I found out exactly what it was, all I could think was, “It’s like ‘Ozy and Millie’ after they grow up!” Your comic is just that amazing.

  2. For some reason I particularly like the angle of the news anchor in panel one. 🙂

  3. Make no mistake, these harmless insects are the deadliest in the world, and have killed hundreds of people at a blow — by building their nests in lovely cylindrical spaces in aircraft they think were made just for them, but are actually mean to measure airspeed…

  4. Which is another reason why you have bright red “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” covers on pitot tubes.

    And Fox…..while mud daubers are generally kinda docile…..they STILL pack one helluva sting. Trust that I speak from experience here in Florida.

  5. We have met the Muad’dib, and blown the little nuisance away in the most harmless manner possible…

    1. “Muad’dib”? Is this a ‘Dune’ reference or a coincidence? 🙂

      1. Dune reference: Muad’dib as a pun on Mud dauber.
        I …do get carried away with words, on occasion.

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