Mammals In Black

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Then the MIB show up to take care of the inter-dimensional interlopers. I think we may have reached the silliness threshold for a “based on real life” comic.

…nah. “Silly” is my middle name. 🙂

I almost didn’t draw this one, but as usual, I’m glad Fox talked me into it. Several times, I complained “whyyyyy did I put so many characters into one panel” but I’m happy with the results!

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Ceiling cat is watching you.

38 comments on “Mammals In Black

  1. Have I mentioned how much I love your expressions? That Autumn face in panel four is almost too much to handle.

  2. “Hup!Hup!Hup!Hup!…” SOMEone’s been watching too much “South Park”! 🙂

    (…and why does Bud(?) have leopard spots in the first panel?) 😉

    1. Dangit… I forgot Dionne was there.

      “Never mind,” – Emily Latella

      1. Dangit(again)! I meant panel four; between Autumn and Jacob. I didn’t scroll back up far enough and forgot there were -two- rows of panels today. 🙂

      2. When I brought it up I was thinking South Park, but it’s been used elsewhere too.

        1. I most recall its use by the Ambulance Beavers in Rocko’s Modern Life.


  3. Say hello to the MIB Blues Brothers division, the secret organization that you’ll forget you laughed at.

    Also: rolling down stairs has to hurt . . . hope he can get medical leave. And Spider Cat.

  4. Are.. are comments back? YAY!… I love how the MIB bounce down the stairs and hand from the ceiling. And fox’s cool demeanor… heck I love everything about this one… X3

    1. Comments are going to be here from this comic on since they’re newly added, but I’m still working on bringing them back in the archives…!

  5. As the worlds smartest garbage man said in Dilbert “The best things in life are silly.”

    And this is fabulously silly.

    So Fox will remember, eh?

  6. Really enjoying the Fox-MIB guy conversation in the background.

    1. Well, hmm. my best guess would be since MIB formed during the construction of the New York World’s Fair, to hide the flying saucers. So, 1964? 😀

  7. Weird. I keep reading the comic but I find I can’t remember what I just read.

  8. Best lines: “Take those off.” “Nope.”

    Wonderful, tasty silliness!

    1. Best lines I would argue are actually “Watchlist?” “Yep.” “Us or them?” “Yep”

      1. Thanks. The whole premise of this one was just generally ridiculous, but that’s not a punchline. Making people smile at the overall story is one thing, but I strive to at least leave them with a chuckle. I had to muse over this one for a bit and found the best way to work it in was for it to be subdued. The wording was rehashed about half a dozen times.

  9. I just read the most hilarious thing, that left me with the sense it was extremely appropriate for strip for a server reboot. But I can’t quite put my paw on it…

  10. This is… stragely fitting for a site under redesign. Stuff isn’t missing, it’s just neuralized!

  11. I’ve been using some of my favorite strips as a screensaver. This morning – I swear – I got this page [made me think of the last panel from the last page] and then Tolerance [] popped up. HAHA. It’s on random, honest.

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