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When I’m tired, overwhelmed, or just distracted, I sometimes lose track of what I’m saying in the middle of a sentence. I’ve picked up the habit of trailing off and saying “words” as filler while I collect my thoughts.

Which is, of course, a perfect opportunity for Fox to jump in and be ridiculous to make me laugh. 🙂

(No, it doesn’t translate to anything. Just as Fox said: those are not words, just syllables and sounds. Although kudos if you recognize any of the (real or imaginary) alphabets I referenced for some of it!)

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  1. words, wordage, the thing with the words, all things i uses for and more frequently after heavy exhaustion.

    Often i don’t collect my thoughts at that point and just let others figure out what i mean if they can or i move on. when i forget names i just use simple descriptors that my head makes up that don’t always make sense, Like….cute bunny(?), tall one (Obvious), fuzzy man(Beard), Scary lady(she was a overly nice person to me? I don’t think she realized how nervous to be around she made me until then), Sexy man(embarrassing as i kinda had a small crush i realized later, the next day everyone told me what i did)…

  2. Y’all are always awesome! If y’all ever visit NC, make a stop in Cleveland county. XD

  3. What a delightful strategy. I want this on the news, “Today’s headlines, words…”
    The news leaves me exhausted.

  4. This reminds me a great deal of a pair that I knew in college. A rather pleasantly-silly pair, but I suspect that you’re *far* too young to *be* that pair. (Some 43 years past) :}

  5. I recognize this as Urdzblatian -5th galactic quadrant dialect.
    Translation- Panel 2:
    Fox: Carpet
    Mandy: Mango
    Fox: USB-C cable

    Panel 3:
    Mandy: Even in the darkest of night, there exists the light of imagination and creativity which can only be extinguished by an improperly configured WiFi router.
    Fox: The router was created by Quetzalcoatl, the trickster, while consuming fermented Agave. We need more tequila.

  6. Hahahahaha.

    This is something me and sister tend to do once in a while as well. No words just sounds and then giggling. And SOMEHOW we stil lcan get the message across…..

    (Sis is me room mate btw)

  7. What do you mean it doesn’t translate to anything?
    I ‘clearly’ states:

    Only Klijößsefwa ersupiparijss ofthom eehogagviii?
    Pathfollhnjio froum 31Bioitfrsgls gfhuom da gibischipdt nhfox!?
    Praeäm! Aaa.


  8. I tried to read those symbols and now there’s a demon in my room, wat do?

    1. Call the Doom Slayer. He will help.
      Although you might need to clean the room after his services

  9. only k⌊↓⃠̈ᵽ⁷ϕwa
    r₂π[ ]↓4ᵢSsS. ʘ?^̄日ᴍ


    aħfʘǁ!?ʘ Ξr่ⴲ่Ξ
    8Δ gı̊口☐̊ī̍ı̍ī冚⏻~Δ̂ →
    7ŏx!? R吕Ξm!



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