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Our relationship, in shorthand.

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She was warned.

36 comments on “Kisses

    1. Same here, just unexpected and on the tip of her nose.
      Ya know, just often enough for her to not find me “cute”.

  1. I like how if you scroll through all the comics tagged with “lovey dovey” almost all are also tagged with “fox is an asshole”

  2. Ear kiss giggles mean “I love you.” If you kiss her ear and she DOESN’T giggle… it’s time to worry.

  3. I did that to a 5-yr-old once; he freaked. Everyone else (including his parents; friends of mine) thought it was hilarious. 🙂

  4. Last panel, Seley’s expression/reaction….ROFLMAO!!!

    Nicely done Fox…..NICELY DONE!! 🙂

      1. Agreed. She’s adorable in the first panel, but the shocked reaction with all the fur standing on end to Fox’s loving, wet, SLUUUURRRRP is just priceless.

  5. This is an amazingly cheerful comic. Made me smile the second I saw it

  6. Hee hee hee. The abstract background in the already great last panel adds to the effect. Not sure what it’s saying to me in the first two.

  7. She said you were repulsive. You wouldn’t want to make a lier of her so what other kind of kiss can she expect.

  8. He’s cute when being an Asshole and an Asshole when he’s cute. Fox, you da Fella!

  9. Nice! Full color comic in 1080p HD

    and I am so glad the “really happened” tag is there, too; I’m over here like “This is totally something Fox would do!”

    Hahaha 10/10

  10. Heh…this is something I do with my wife. Showed it to her and said, “This could be us…”

    Her response? “hehehe, Yup!”

  11. I scrolled down slowly expecting the infamous really happened tags and I was not let down. You guys are great! XD

  12. This might be my favorite Curtailed strip of all time. All the expressions are PERFECT.

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