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  1. I assume that the orange juice is for a screwdriver?

    Also took me forever to figure out why there were no comments. through the power of time zones, for me this was posted tomorrow.

  2. Alton Brown’s got a mixer with flames on it, AND it looks like he sells flame decals to put on a mixer. (A quick google search will bring up the store page for those)

  3. Mmmmm tropicana orange juice. Pulp? Some pulp? No pulp? Trop50 or whatever other kinds they have?

  4. This kinda makes the “we’re not alcoholics” tag less solidified.

  5. I bet somebody could come up with a drink recipe that requires an oven. Come on, commenters, don’t let me down.

    1. Not a drinker so no expertise, but perhaps the oven could be used for an additive like baked cinnamon apples with the proper alcohol poured over them. 🙂

  6. Not sure what kind of screwdriver or drink wold need a oven personally. I know screwdrivers are best made cold not hot or warm. Same goes for alot of drinks. So this has me curious as to what he might be lookng at.

          1. Yeah, but that was more about Fox doing his thing with the bottle. I mean an actual presentation of a recipe, like the strip I mentioned.

            Plus, I, uh, actually didn’t notice what Seley was doing in the last strip. Hooray for observation!

  7. My granddad’s homemade wine was allegedly best served when entirely boiled away.

  8. Looks like this was kind of a “heated” comic!

    The plot of this comic is kind of “mixed” up from the rest!

    See you next week!

    1. *looks at you with squinty eyes* I approve good sir or madame.

  9. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the “mixer” referred to (but not needed) was a *cement* mixer?

    1. One of the definitions of ‘mixer’ is a non-alcoholic drink that is mixed in with liquor.

      I don’t bake. So up until ‘oven’ it sounded like a drink recipe.

  10. My family’s wassail recipe requires the oven and stove b/c the apples are baked in brown ale and the brandy is warmed with the spice satchet. Quite tasty.

      1. Cures the flu, doesn’t it?
        They say s’good for wassailing you.

  11. If you don’t use the oven, you’ll end up only half-baked..?

    If it’s a good recipe for cheesy biscuits, please post it… All I’ve been doing is mixing shredded-cheddar-from-a-bag with Bisquick mix and milk.

    1. I second that request! 🙂

      (Maybe add some diced ham or sausage with the cheese?)

      Annnd… How come BISquick only has pancake recipes on the box???

    2. I’ll have to see if I can dig it up again!

      They’re not really bread biscuits, they’re little savory crumbly delicious… things. Biscuits, cookies?
      At any rate it’s a simple recipe and I have no idea where it came from, just that it’s one of my family’s go-to treat recipes. I’ll see if it’s still on the fridge when I get a chance.

    1. Hmm…lovely, looks like the nocache option isn’t working with WordPress if you’re not logged in.

  12. Does Fox always raise his right eyebrow or did you just pick a random eyebrow

    1. Actually, Fox always raises his left eyebrow.
      Because I can’t raise my right by itself.
      Maybe the muscles for both went into the left, cuz it’s got more eyebrow-game than Flynn Rider.

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