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 Slowly getting back into the swing of things – you can expect new strips to post once a month right now, on the first Sunday of the month!

Thank you again for your patience, the hiatus was incredibly helpful to us. While we’re starting off slow, I’m excited to draw again and excited to share!

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Rockets refueled

I have two modes:
“Over-caffeinated squirrel”

31 comments on “Typical

  1. Welcome back you two! Glad life has settled down enough for you all to continue the comic again. We missed ya.

  2. Happy New Year you two! welcome back, and get some mimosas.

  3. guess that would make me a A+ or S, i REFUSE to stop doing a task until its DONE, no matter how tired i am/look, i’ll just keep going.

    p.s welcome back guys, we ALL missed ya ^_^

    1. I used to do that, but turns out that working yourself to the bone doesn’t factually improve your odds of success, so in the interests of real efficiency rather than perceived efficiency, slowing down helps a lot.

      1. nah, i can sleep when im dead.
        on a serious note, i just cant help it, being idle longer than 10 mins frustrates me, besides i like hard work, feels more rewarding,there’s a saying “if a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing well”

  4. Ha! Excellent.

    I’d like to be either one of those, honestly.

    Happy 2771 ab urbe condita!

  5. Yay, shiny new comic!
    Welcome back–I’m glad the hiatus did you good!

  6. Thanks for the comic, best way to start a new year right!

  7. Welcome back. I’m glad you now have the head-space to start sharing loveliness again 🙂

  8. Squeeeeee!

    Nice to see new ones coming again! Glad the break was good for you two.

  9. Well, I guess it’s All About That BB+AA+SS+
    ‘Bout That BB+AA+SS+


  10. Fox has gone to plaid!

    also, missed your comic, more than half of them remind me of myself and my wife.

  11. Cool! Welcome back ^^

    Now Fox reminds me of the squirrel in Over The Hedge after drinking energy drink.

  12. Yesss…. “S” is always a higher rank than “A”!

    The SEGA fan is strong with this one!

  13. So, Fox: Of those two modes, which one does “snark” fall under?

        1. Or he’s mastered the snark so well, he no longer has to put effort into it.

  14. I’m liek… C-… unless it has a necessary reason to be done ASAP it isn’t important enough for me to do it unless it furthers my own personal enjoyment in life

  15. It only recently occurred to me to check here for the first time this year.

    1. Oh dang. Beat me to it.

      Short version: “Type A/B Personality’ is the result of the tobacco industry trying to ‘explain’ why people who smoke had so many heart attacks…

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