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 Fox kept looking at the WIP for this, laughing, and asking “did I really say that?”

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    1. Agreed, but only a bit and it’s still funny.

      I’d even say such a comic is refreshing in August.
      And check all those hot summer deals!

  1. But “Au-puns-t” is already here! 🙂

    Friend of mine refers to her goats as her “kids” too. She also don’ wan’ no young-uns!

  2. I think this might be the most expressive comic yet. Fox’s expression in the last panel reminds me of the comic where he received a rifle. His expression in panel five reminds me of Sleet from Sonic Underground. Great job!

  3. “Not having children.” I only hope I can find and match with a women with that attitude.

    1. Boy, that’s the only kind of woman I was ever able to find. None of them wanted my kids, I mean children. Hmm. I wonder if it was me.

  4. The expressions are great, as always. And, The puns are hilarious. But, I’m really enjoying the little signs in the background of the first panel, maybe a little more than I should.

    1. Don’t you mean pun-ishing? Sorry, I wanted to be the first to get that one in there.

  5. Fox’s suit needs a red tie for that “snap your fingers and explosions happen” feel.

  6. Fox, you are about the only person I’ve ever heard of that was a bad about making puns as I am. In fact, I catch puns that most people overlook. Check out Cross Time Cafe and see some of my comments.

    1. Don’t forget that awesome car he’s got. He’d totally be in the car, one window rolled down, casually looking one-shouldered out the window, grinning like a lunatic.

        1. Whoops, I meant cutoff middle sign on the left side of the storage bins.

  7. Fox’s unholy glee at making those puns is worth the price of admission alone….
    Though Mandy’s disgruntled look got a loud laugh out of me.

    Ah, the puns….
    You’d both fit right in with my local gang of joke-hooligans….


  8. Just to be clear:
    There are dad jokes
    There are uncle jokes
    And then, there are zen atomic not a dad but could pass for jokes.

  9. Hahaa! Some great expressions here. My friend Owen hates puns, and panel 4 is exactly how we both look when i tell one. You got that look spot on Mandy 🙂

  10. This was pretty funny.
    but i don’t get the joke in the last Panel,maybe because english is not my native language.
    is there a differents between having children and having Kids?

  11. Please, don’t adopt goats. Or else, one of them will be the next Asriel from Undertale.

  12. I Google-searched the term “totes ma’ goats,” only to be disappointed in it not really meaning much of anything. I think I’ve been pranked here somehow.

  13. Easily one of my favorite strips thus far. Partly because these expressions are spectacular (One of Mandy’s strongest points in this comic as a whole, IMO), and partly because I’ve seen these expressions in real life. These kinds of groan-inducing moments are the best!

  14. I can understand some of the reasons they don’t wish for kids. And they seem like adult kids themselves at times. I kinda wonder though. What’s the youngest they feel they can tolerate socially.

  15. You should do a comic book sme time you know your drawings are spectacular.

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