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I happened to be in Phoenix at the same time my in-laws were assisting some LEOs with a mass-casualty exercise. Rather than destroying one of my shirts or using one of those available, I decided the best way to commemorate the occasion would be to buy an HRC shirt to wear. But if I was gonna make it a keepsake, the stage blood really needed to be obvious.

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It’d also like to thank the cashier from this HRC. In all the conversation, decision making and trying on of t-shirts to ensure fit, I’d left my laptop bag in the store. Fortunately he noticed and ran out the door to give it to me before I made it to my rental. Saved me a trip back into the city! Much appreciated.

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  1. Don’t forget your brown pants. -That- you do -not- want to show. 😉

  2. I’ve been in too many astronomy classes, because “LEOs” only parsed as “low earth orbits” and, by extension, “low earth orbiters”… somebody wanna clarify?

    1. “Law Enforcement Officer” (for anyone who needs further clarification: it’s a broader term than just “police”, it can include state patrol, Department of Natural Resources, SWAT, FBI, Etc.)

  3. I had a similarly fun experience helping some DNR officers (Department of Natural Resources) with their training regarding sobriety tests. They got me and four other people drunk and had us go to the different groups they had split into and they would do some sobriety tests on us. =P

  4. I’m surprised the clerk gave a reply. I would have just run away or at the very least back away slowly.

    1. There was actually very little hesitation in the answer; seemed like his mind answered the question posed and routed it to his mouth immediately.
      I suspect it then processed the implications of what had been asked half way through answering the question to cause the second pause. 🙂

      1. That must have been a painful realization to make. Those things must have come afterwards.

  5. But you phrased it in the way which would most freak out the shop assistant. Not surprised by that in the least!

  6. I swear to DOG when you said you wanted a HRC shirt here and even on Twitter earlier, I swear you were talking about Hillary R. Clinton shirts! Which I found amusing if not a bit disturbing.

  7. Lacerate all. Slaughter all.

    Srsly though. I love HRC. Every time I go to a new one, I make sure to buy a shot glass, preferably a City Shot (the ones with the artwork unique to that specific venue), to add to my collection.

    I currently have:
    Myrtle Beach – Minneapolis – Atlanta (home) – Memphis – Nashville (special because we went there the day before it officially opened, and we weren’t actually allowed in, but we managed to talk our way into being the first public patrons to buy from the Rock Shop XD) – New Orleans – Orlando – Niagara Falls, NY – Louisville – Indianapolis – St. Louis – San Francisco – Albuquerque – Washington, D.C. (which I got for free :P)

    Nassau, Bahamas – Guangzhou, China – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – Niagara Falls, Canada (these were gotten for me by relatives) – Madrid, Spain (the only International one I’ve bought personally) – Berlin and Cologne, Germany – London, England – Rome, Italy (these last 4 were bought for me by my brother when he went on a trip to Europe in college; the one from Rome is really special, because on the flight back it got broken, but the damage ended up making it look like the Colosseum!)

    The rest of my immediate family collects HRC memorabilia as well. My brother collects the pilsners, my dad the pins (we make sure to get him each year’s unique Dragon*Con pin), and my mom collects the guitar pick-shaped charms for her charm bracelet.

    1. I collect the pint glasses. Probably should have stuck to shot glasses, since they’re easier to store, but I hardly do shots. (Tend to just drink from the bottle)
      Have a few that aren’t pint, but only because that venue didn’t have them for some reason. (Only pilsner or hurricane)

      For mine, the rule is that I have to visit the location and bring the glass back, myself, in one piece.
      For those further away, I’ll buy two to increase the chances of them surviving.
      If the glass is ever broken, I have to go back and get another.

      Considering the LA traffic I experienced, even at 11pm at night, I’m think I’m going to seal that glass within indestructable resin.

      1. I was also made aware (after my bro-in-law pointed out I wasn’t driving to the HRC he had on his phone) that there are TWO HRC in LA: One in Universal City, and another 10 min away in LA.

        The Universal City glass I have says Hollywood. The one from LA says Los Angeles.
        While the decision isn’t final, I’m told the Universal City HRC, will stop selling ‘Hollywood’ glasses, and start getting new ‘Universal City’ glasses. The LA HRC will sell both ‘Los Angeles’ and ‘Hollywood’ glasses.
        So if I’m ever in LA again, I get to go to Universal City HRC once more for the new glass.

        Special thanks to the parking attendant at Universal City that night:
        Me: “Uh, hi. I think we’re lost. Is there a Hard Rock Cafe nearby? The map says there’s two?”
        Him: “Yes. There’s one inside and another in LA.”
        Me: “Ah, but you need to pay for parking to visit the cafe?”
        Him: “…yeah, but I’ll just let you in this time. Go ahead.”
        Me: “Oh! Thank you! Cheers, mate!”

        1. My mom does the same thing with her charms where she wants to actually visit the cafe to buy it. I just want to get as many as I can and I know I’m not likely to visit every venue in my lifetime, so I take what I can get.

      1. Considering the amount of celebrity memorabilia hanging all over the walls in each HRC, store detectives actually being a thing would not surprise me in the least.

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