Ripe Return

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 – and we’re back! Still working out a few technical difficulties with the site itself, but comics should resume now every Sunday – with the kind of high class humor you’ve come to expect from us. 🙂

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  1. Sad to see the Katsucon comics over. Nice to see the regular style back. This comic reminds me of the hug comic. On a side note, for the medical attention comic, were the staff wearing costumes or do mythical creatures exist in Curtailed?

    1. Dragons exist in curtailed, but thankfully are used sparingly. Also, they don’t seem to be that special. They’re not gigantic, and given the usual level of anthropomorphism around here I doubt very much they can breathe fire. I assume they can fly since they have wings, though. Unless those are vestigial. Which seems plausible given that all the species we’ve seen seem to have evolved away most of their unique traits. (Cue Mandy pointing out that I’m overthinking a silly gag-a-day comic.)

      1. Ya’ll think about this comic more than we do.
        It’s a comic–the only rule is it has to be funny.

        1. God damn it, Fox. You had one job: let Mandy point that out. 😛

          1. Nah, Fox answered fine for both of us on this one.

            I’m happy people like the comic enough to think about these kinds of things, and if readers have fun speculating about the world in our comics, that’s great!

            We just don’t do a lot of “official” world-building. We don’t see a need to. Our only goal, as Fox said, is “be funny.”

            When we wanted to include Kit in one of our comics, and his existing character is at least part dragon, the only question was “does it make the comic less funny?” No? Then sure, he can be a dragon.

            What does that say about how prevalent dragons are or what their specific abilities are? I have no clue. If it’s ever relevant to a punchline for a dragon to breathe fire, then I’m sure they’ll breathe fire.

        2. I like the description for this comic. Reminds me of a funny line I heard from an animated show. Great to see you are working on the Twitch equipment.

      2. I got a chance to talk to Mandy Seley at Katsucon, and she said the characters with wings probably fly.

      3. Actually, the dragons might NOT be able to fly – the wings could be vestigial. Ostriches and penguins both have wings, but neither of them can take to the air. And looking back at the panel, those wings don’t look anywhere big enough to support that amount of weight. So the dragons are probably earthbound types. Still cool, though.

        1. was thinking they might be like the Gargoyles, they might be able to glide but don’t have the muscle strength to actually fly

  2. God! I know I’m used to my smell but, Jeez, I couldn’t stand to be in a closed car after visiting a gym, especially if I did any weightlifting.

    1. This was a rare occasion where I was just gonna come home and start working on a project that was gonna get me filthy again. Normally I shower at the gym, or am cycling home. This instance I threw a thick towel down in my commuter car and just drove home so Mandy expected me clean. 🙂
      It has to be pretty bad for me to notice my own smell, but Mandy’s got a very sharp nose.
      We compliment each other well. I’ve 20/10 vision. Our hearing seems to excel in ranges the other misses. (But all men tend to have poor hearing of higher pitch ranges)

      1. Oh, well, you had a good excuse. I hope that Mandy understood. LOL.

  3. Today we learned that Fox uses stink to deter unwanted hugs. If I’m judging the looks in 2nd and 3rd panels correctly.

      1. The “Magnificent Bastard” feat: You are kind of a dick to people, but you do it in clever, witty ways, and thus are entertaining enough that most will forgive you for it.

  4. I’m actually quite surprised that Mandy hasn’t tried to get some sort of revenge after being denied so many hugs.

  5. Normally, the smell would be tolerable, but add sweat-soaked fur to the mix and you have a wet-dog smell that is only rivaled by wet-skunk and ferret-on-a-bad-day.

  6. Re-reading the archive, I came upon almost the same comic with the same commentary after a hiatus. Was this deliberate or do we now know everything about your lives?

    1. I just have more time to work up a sweat when we’re not making comics.

      That, and the whole “Don’t hug me!” thing happens a lot.

      1. All three of those were hilariously funny. However, I realize Fox doesn’t like hugs but he’s being hugged by a very cute snow leopard. I wouldn’t turn those down. LOL.

  7. Funny. Y’all did the visit to Arizona at a good time. We’ve had two successive weekends of Extreme Heat Warnings. High temperatures today are supposed to be 115 here in Tucson and 120 in Phoenix.

      1. And compare Mandy’s comment on each of them, too! Talk about some déjà vu!

        1. And Mandy’s/Seley’s expression in the third panel in both strips is wonderful! 🙂

  8. You can tell the comedy is high class, ’cause the pinkie is out.

  9. This comic makes me giggle so much. I absolutely LOVE how you do facial expressions! Perfectly expressive.

  10. “:seley: – and we’re back! Still working out a few technical difficulties with the site itself, but comics should resume now every Sunday – with the kind of high class humor you’ve come to expect from us. ?”

    And this strip proves your statement. LOL.

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