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  1. Not sure if this makes me more glad not to be a sports fan, or to not own a smartphone!

    1. Pick ‘glad to not be a sportsfan’. Especially because dumb phones can also recieve texts and therefor will not protect you, and secondly because smartphones are amazing tools of communication and knowledge acquisition. Don’t blame the device for the actions of its users.

      1. I went with BOTH, since I don’t have a phone, smart or otherwise.

  2. Sadly I get the comment. Not be cause I have friends or family into the team, but because I have friends, family, and co-workers who will mysteriously change subject mid-conversation without letting you know first, or even start talking to you from the middle of the conversation without bothering to have the beginning of it first.

      1. Lots and lots of laughter. 😀

        The text wasn’t meant for me, it turns out.
        My aunt (also a Gamecock, watching them play and do very well) had texted Mom saying “Game…” – the beginning of their celebratory chant, the response to which is, of course, “Cocks!”

        There was a weird mixup where the last thing my aunt had sent out was sent to multiple people (me included) and attempts at “group texts” don’t seem to work very well. Anyway Mom hit “reply,” and somehow instead of going to my aunt, it went to me.

        I didn’t say anything, I just showed her the text next time we got together, she thought it was hilarious too. 🙂

        1. I sent the GAME to my certain dedicated Gamecock fans…..THEN, apparently, your mother and brother sent it to their friends of friends of friends….lol…Oh well, GAME……….
          Just answer dear niece. Always……COCKS….love you.

        2. What I understand is with group texts, a lot of users will accidentally hit “reply all” so instead of just going to one person, it goes to everyone on the list.

  3. Our newspaper here in Albuquerque had a headline “Lobos Romp all over Jimmies” last year that just about killed me choking on my morning coffee. I forget the University that has the nickname Jimmies for their sports team but someone at the newspaper editing team needs to learn modern slang. 🙂

    Love the expressions and posture acting. 🙂

  4. Interesting coloring technique……almost looks like colored pencils or in the case of your smartphone face, crayons.

    But it looks VERY GOOD!!! *Silver clawed thumbs UP*

    1. ‘rents. 🙂 Can’t live with ’em; can’t… Oh, well… …sigh…

      Agreed; very nice coloring! Looks like a mix of crayon, colored pencils, and maybe even a bit of digital??

    2. Thank you!

      Colored pencils, plus a bit of white gel ink to set things apart – although in retrospect I wish I’d just inked the back of the smartphone screen to make it a little clearer. 😛

  5. without the context, it would be the strangest text yet from my mom.

    1. The Gamecocks are an American college football team (actually I know of three colleges using that name) named after Fighting Roosters.

  6. They have bumper stickers just like this. that’s all it says. “Cocks!”
    so needless to say, one of my coworkers has found another bumper sticker that says “Tickle It!” and slapped it underneath said sticker, so that it tells you to tickle these wild birds. or whatever other meaning you wish to derive.

    I’m a Tiger fan, btw. My team vs your mom’s team, let’s see who wins this thanksgiving!

  7. This is the simplest Curtailed Comic yet, but also the funniest! XD

    Thanks for the side splitting! Hahaha …

  8. You seem to have a very fun mother. I think you must have inherited some of that!

  9. I always love the way you draw expressions and pose. The way she, (You) held the phone, especially in that last panel with your free hand in a position where it looks like you’re asking yourself “How do I (Respond), what?(Is this I’m looking at)”. So many artists miss those small details. Then again that’s why it’s called ‘A slice of life’ comic, you most definitely add in every small detail that most people would miss.

    And that has been my random post of the week, now to disappear back into the darkness.

    1. Count how many artists forget to pose the ears, body, and tail when doing expressions – these things matter on furs.

      Also, that’s a Samsung Galaxy S III isn’t it?

      1. Thanks both of you for the kind feedback – and also, yes! That’s my phone, good guess! o.o

  10. How do I get in on the family ‘cocks texting ring?!? I feel all left out and such. Talking with your mother on Facebook about it just isn’t going to cut it anymore. X3

  11. At least 90% of people would be shocked if their mom sent a message like that. Including myself.

  12. Hey, look! Cute li’l micey icons with our names on ’em! 🙂 Mine has spots; and, coincidentally, I love calicoes and appaloosas. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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