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  1. I notice that you didn’t specify if said water was added while it was boiling or not. :p

    1. I use the same technique as any teenage con attendee does: The coffee maker.

      But now I’m an adult so I use the Keurig.

      1. Don’t remember where I heard it, but “the only difference between a child and an adult is the price of their toys.”

  2. I can so easily see the roomie going that same route, especially being somewhat averse to the rigors of washing up. =:)

    1. A multi-tool.
      I’ve had mine for around 15 years now, sans a few where it was lost, and then found again in the attic insulation.
      It’s nearly always on my belt.

      1. Same here. Though I’ve never lost or misplaced mine, my Leatherman and Mini-Mag flashlight with the 2W LED bulb replacement unit are as much a part of my work/dress ensemble as my ISB 1911.

        Warped minds SOOOOO think alike. ;^D

  3. I love this comic! I’ve been reading for a long time and I thought I ought to let you know that this is great it’s something that I look forward to every week. Great Job and thanks so much for continuing!

  4. Happy to see that the forums are up again! And good to see Fox enjoying noodles as they were originally intended. Don’t forget the flavour packet, Fox! ^_^

  5. What if she somehow moves the sink without you knowing? Then you will never be able to find water! 🙂

    1. When I saw the title I assumed it ate the rations for you.

      Which would be a nice touch for some. (Mandy hates the taste of MREs. I could eat them every day.)

  6. I’ve used my Leatherman “Blast” (they make several versions) for a lot of things that have made using it as an eating implement …unwise. Now that you’ve reminded me, I’m off to disinfect it in bleach solution.

    1. Maybe if I could find a damn way to strap on the 2011-2014 front and rear fascia…
      Star Trek Shuttlecraft

      Plus that’s like…+$1000 a month in car payments. I don’t even wanna think about the taxes and insurance.

  7. My bro actually did this once. He went to college and posted on FB, “Augh, I brought potatoes for lunch but forgot a fork. Thank Heavens I have these needle-nose pliers!’

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