Acorn Squash

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 Pokemon Go can’t possibly live up to the hype – I’m sure I’ll love it anyway

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Apparently this actually happened. I don’t remember any of it. I must subconsciously take anything nice I do and block it from my memory. Passive skill.

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  1. Lady, if you ever have doubt you married the right man, look back to this comic

  2. YOU CAN CATCH POKEMON… WITH YOUR PHONE!!! I understand her shift in attitude…

  3. If you have any android products you can play Ingress (by Niantic Inc.), it has a similar style as what pokémon Go is said to have.

  4. Can’t see how Pokemon Go could go wrong… “There is a shiny Meowth 200 metres away!” (into Harlem, at night, and you’re a white girl with the latest iPhone, and the location just happens to be a crackhouse…)

  5. My ‘Feel Old’ moment was when I got excited that Metamucil was on sale at my local market.

  6. Well that explains why whenever I use my phone to look up Sally Acorn the next word it always suggests is squash.

  7. While I’m not as enthused over Poke’mon, the message remains true.


  8. It’s better to be over the hill than under the hill… And being excited about produce just means you like to eat healthy stuff.

  9. For me it was the relsation all my sat morning cartoon shows are now “CLASICS” >_> along with the music I grew up with. :3

  10. OMG, Pokemon Go is a real thing? I thought it was a made up story! Will have to check it out. I may have stopped buying game cartridges and game players, but if I can use it on my phone, I might be persuaded to get it. Also, to get my sister to get it, so we can battle again. 😀

  11. I think my feeling old moment (when it came to Pokemon anyway) was realizing in college that my favorite Pokemon is Raichu, and then realizing that I couldn’t find a quality Raichu plush anywhere because we were well past the first generation at that point… And then I found one at a flea market a few summers later!

      1. They are.
        I always get a ton of actives and completely forget about them.
        Now it’s all the passives and like…5 actives, max. One for each possible situation.

  12. I can easily understand being excited about sweet corn being in season, but squash? She is a very Seley leopard.
    By the way, if you plant the seeds from an acorn squash, it will cross-pollinate with other squash and give you odd-looking results that all taste just like squash. Cucurbita Pepo is …promiscuous.

  13. See GO is going to suck for me, and unless you get to travel around the world it’s going to suck for just about everyone else too. All I’ll find in my area are basically Pidgey and Bug types. Maybe a grimmer if im at the town dump for long enough.

  14. Ahh.. but what if you made pokemon out of squash?

    Or pokemon, wearing cute squash costumes?

    1. Use gourds; they’re much better for arts & crafts, and also from the curcurbit family. 🙂

  15. When I get PokéMon GO! will you send me your friend code? :3
    /jk I’m not really gonna be that guy, but I can agree that Nintendo has come up with a better idea than that Dream World thing. And since it’s based offo f mobile devices, it’s tapping into a completely different market. So good for Nintendo!

  16. As an aspiring college student/produce worker, whose store has had a low stock on vegetables lately, I got excited when we got a 14 pallet shipment.

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