For those unfamiliar, SITREP stands for SITuation REPort. With Mandy on break I thought I’d throw together a quick video.
“Quick video”

Yeah, no. It took the better part of today (and yesterday) learning how to make videos. Turned out better than expected though, so there’s that.
Not perfect, but the software is partially to blame for that.

All prep recently has been for our performances at Furthemore 2017 next week, so I’m not sure we’ll have video of that next week…or we might have live video!

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    1. I hadn’t thought of that movie seriously in literal *years*, and yet was still able to place that clip as being from George Of The Jungle immediately. Excellent choice of meme!

  1. Baofeng uv5r, good choice cheap and durable. I’m a volunteer firefighter and I use a Baofeng bf-f9 with that same extended battery, its a great back up to the pager. Check out the lights on my car,, it’s a 2003 Crown Victoria.

    1. I hope so. We don’t have much use for them so close to D.C., but I hope to find out if we ever get land further west.

  2. Fox I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but you have a rather charming voice. I could totally see you running a DIY podcast at some point. Sorta…radio quality if that makes sense. Anywho hope y’all have a good time at the convention and I hope Mandy is having a good rest.

    1. Can’t see a bad way to take that. Thanks. You’re not the first to say something to that effect, and a few who have make a living as voice actors, so I guess I really need to look into it.
      Honestly, I normally hate the way I sound so I was really surprised to hear how well I thought I sounded on the video.
      I’m gonna blame it on me just being tired.

  3. I’m pretty darn confident your “crusier” will be the first ever Dodge in a Zootopia (or any other fan event) cos-play ever.

    Mad props to you for figuring out the radio’s, car wiring, mechanics and even taking on an Arduino(?) project. You guys are amazingly creative and industrious. Sleep is apparently for the weak at your home… 🙂


  4. Oooh… You should see about getting Boozy (Badger) Barrister involved. After all, he’s a lawyer…

    1. I thought about that, but I’m not sure how we could. As we’ve heard time and time again, they’re separate groups:

    1. I’m pretty both songs were simply listed as the artist “Silent Partner” on Youtube’s creation section.

    1. Thanks! Here’s hoping it all gets together in time!
      Currently waiting for it to dry up enough for me to use the table saw outside on that desk.
      The basement still has sticky painted PVC in it so I can’t generate sawdust >.<

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