Sketchbook Intermission

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As stated last week, I’m taking a short “intermission” to catch up a little elsewhere, so for this week I scanned a couple of pages from my little green sketchbook I try to carry with me as much as I can.

Some facial expressions practice on a random cat person, Fox and Seley making eyes at you from a bar, and a gender-swapped version of our characters that was a fun experiment.

I DID get a lovely new fall layout together! I realize it’s not really fall yet, but it is September, close enough! I never finished the summer layout in time for this year, but that’s alright, it’ll be in rotation for next year.

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Coincidentally I’ve met a woman named ‘Fox’ before. Her personality was nearly identical to my own. We met at a bar, and a week later wound up going to Ireland together. Why? Because her friend backed out of going and my crazy plan of visiting Toronto by way of Chicago was cut short when I realized just how cold the one further south was in January. She asked if I wanted to go as a joke.

Ireland is great. ‘Vixen’ was not.

You can’t date yourself. Just don’t.