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Unintentional puns, comedy gold?

Heads up, we’re in the process of remodeling after a basement flood, and as much as I would hate to do so, I’m considering a short hiatus to get my house back in order. I know missing updates is probably the deadliest sin of webcomics, but I also hate the idea of rushing through strips… just didn’t want it to be a shock if next week is just some sketches or other “extra” content instead of a new comic. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

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PSA – Your HVAC system probably has a dehumidifier as part of the system, as it causes condensation. This water has to go somewhere.  This said, if that big grey box in your basement has piping going off towards a drain somewhere, make sure that stays clean, especially if it has a P-trap. (It will look like a ‘U’ shaped bend in the pipe; designed to catch debris that may clog the pipe.)

This trap can fill up, and if you didn’t pay extra for the electrical overflow gauge that cuts off the HVAC when it’s tripped, that water starts backing up into the unit, and eventually out of the unit.  Depending on humidity (it was *very* humid recently) the AC can produce several gallons of water a day.  This is what happened to our basement.

Fortunately it need only really be checked annually, and a quick shop-vac to the overflow tube (for the way ours is designed anyway) solved the problem.