Vacation Sketches 3

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 Left side: The only hourly comic I managed to get done last year! My subconscious can be terrible to me. The bottom is just a few warm-up sketches, I’ve started trying to bring up Youtube videos of timed life drawing poses and take a crack at ’em.

Right side: Various drawings and jokes made after going to see Jurassic World. These are absolutely what led up to this nonsense. 🙂

16 comments on “Vacation Sketches 3

  1. Yeah, the subconscious is a really evil place. I despise the heart pounding night terrors it can come up with. That first panel is something I’m way too acquainted with.

  2. I will have much fun telling people that exploding head syndrome is a thing.

  3. Exploding Head Syndrome? Interesting. I read the article and noticed that it mentioned loud noises. I continually hear sounds but rarely loud noises. In fact, sometimes, I hear voices calling out; sometimes I hear them call my name; sometimes I hear them just talking. I wonder if that’s part of the same syndrome.

    1. Exploding head syndrome’s the closest explanation I’ve found, but the noises that startle me awake definitely vary. Sometimes it’s a thud like falling furniture, or someone pounding on my door – sometimes it’s voices, as a kid I’d hear Mom shouting my name in her “you’re in big trouble now” voice.

      Worst by far was thinking I heard Fox shout my name, then a loud THUD from the direction of his room. I was on my feet with my hand on the door before I thought to collect myself a second and open it slowly – luckily, he was fine, and I didn’t startle HIM awake too.

  4. You’ve been putting up a lot of sketches. As interesting and amusing as they are, are you okay?

    1. We tend to bury ourselves with projects and spread ourselves too thin. Then we’ve constantly got deadlines looming over us and it generates a ton of anxiety.
      Again, we do it to ourselves and we’re trying to stop, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that we want to do.
      And top all that off with work, travel, exercise and the very idea of giving yourself a break seems impossible.
      We just went to Awesomecon yesterday and with us being late getting out the door, dealing with traffic, finding parking and deciding which events to go to, the relaxation we got out of it was a bit of a wash.
      Today we weren’t supposed to do anything at all, but we’re still winding up spending all of it trying to clean the house or finish up projects with deadlines.

      Eventually, we *will* do nothing.
      I just don’t know when ‘eventually’ really is…

      1. Glad to hear you two are fine, and it was amazing bumping into you at Awesome Con.

  5. My subconscious mind is both evil and tricky… It likes to play the sound of my bedroom door being opened.

  6. My subconscious does the same thing! I’ll wake up in a panic as well thinking that I overslept and turns out I woke up like, an hour early. It sucks. 😛

  7. Man these are so cool! I love that sitting pose and those foot examples are just awesome. Feet are jerks and are never easy to draw. In short I would hug the mess out of ya. Respectfully hug the mess out of ya.

  8. The “velociraptor” (pet peeve: it’s a utahraptor) has a suspiciously Fox-esqe look on its face, even if the mental voice I gave it was Rabi Ray Rana from FarCry 4… God I’m a nerd.
    MY Exploding Head Syndrome is where the top of my head flies off after prolonged exposure to stupid people. I’m a chronic sufferer. Sadly, idiot-munching dinosaurs are so hard to find outside Costa Rica…

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