1. Xezlec

    You heard Fox. Everyone who has seen the Pokemon movie has to leave. (And also me since I’ve seen Super Mario Brothers and Mortal Kombat).

    Oh, wait! Fox has no actual power over where I point my web browser. *thumbs nose* thbbbbbbt!

    But Fox *does* have the power to edit my post and make me say dopey things! Durrr 😀
    I hereby declare myself Lord Doofus of Spoketoosoon!

    • Eagle0600

      To be fair, the movies are more based off the cartoon than the games, so they aren’t strictly movie adaptations of video games.

    • Granitefish

      It’s the other way around the video games are based off the Movies/anime that are based off of the Card game.

      • Lucario

        I can affirm that the Pokemon video games are based off the movies, at least a little. For example, in the games Golurk can learn Fly simply because it used it in a movie.

    • Xezlec


  2. Mopruk

    I just went on a 20 minute internet search for medieval kings and princes with goatees, and fox is right, no royalty every seemed to have a goatee. The goatee did seem to be popular with Asian cultures though, take for example, Confucius. Today has been a sad day for the world.

    • DaveEscape

      You’re right. Fox should just go for the Pai Mei look. XD

      • Iron Ed
        Iron Ed

        Or old school… Fu Manchu! 🙂

    • Chewbarker

      Charles I, quite a few Saudi royals (e.g. Abdullah, Salman), and Lenin had goatees to name a few. So does “Uncle Sam” (while not exactly royalty, he is a personification of a nation, so that’s sort of close).

      • Chewbarker

        I guess I missed the “medieval” part.

        However, there is Richard I – sometimes portrayed with a goatee.

        Unless you consider a van dyke not a goatee even though it includes one.

  3. texaninaz

    when I was a kid I wanted a goatee because of a wrestler by the name of jim “the anvil” nightheart. just loved the way he would stroke it sometimes when he was thinking.

    • Fate's Warning
      Fate's Warning

      One half of The Hart Foundation with Bret “The Hitman” Hart! I loved his menacing, if not malevolent, laugh!

  4. Basilio

    well played fox well played lol

  5. DaveEscape

    I don’t do facial hair; itches too much.

    Which is funny because I can grow a really nice beard.

  6. Fate's Warning
    Fate's Warning

    What about an evil prince, Fox? From what I’ve read in previous comics, you DO have an evil side to you …

  7. attic rat
    attic rat

    Goatees in movies… Huhh.
    Movies? I remember those… I think…
    The last movie I saw in a theater was “Waterworld.”

    Since then, if i happen to be visiting someone who has cable or satellite TV I’ll occasionally see part of a movie. I guess goatees are still part of the “Ming the Merciless” outfit though.

  8. Osk

    while not a prince, I’m sure Fox can accept Tony Stark

  9. FossFoss

    That’s because it wasn’t the princes that had the goatees it was the kings. But fox just wants to be a young boy again I get it :p

  10. Glenn

    Well, there are better known villains with goatees; but, I’ve seen several paintings of princes wearing goatees. (I just can’t remember which ones they were.) I guess the evilness of the look goes with the evilness of the hairless face.

  11. Brunhidden

    you need to curl the mustachios to make it less villainous

    also works well for the top hat combo

  12. McMashMead

    I am confused as to why being a villain is a bad thing. I guess in most pop-culture he dies, but who said pop-culture resembled real-life?

  13. Mikasi

    A reminder that the Prince of Prince of Persia had a goatee in the video games as well. Not sure about the 8bit ones, but in the newer 3d ones he did.

    • Cray Z. Bouy
      Cray Z. Bouy

      True, but that version of the Prince kinda started out as the villian. If you recall, the game starts with the Prince invading another kingdom with his father’s army, and stealing the Dagger of Time.

    • Silly Zealot
      Silly Zealot

      I watched the Prince of Persia movie, I loved it and I’m not leaving. You’ll have to carry me out, you hear me! You’ll have to carry me!

  14. jprime

    The Rocket Robin Hood version of Prince John.

    • Glenn

      But, Prince John was an evil character.

      • jprime

        A prince nonetheless.

        • Glenn

          True. But, Fox’s comment about the goatee was that only evil people wore them. Of course, he also asked about any princes that wore them. So, I guess this could go either way.

          • McMashMead

            If we go by assassins creed lore, ezio auditore was the man which the book The Prince by Machiavelli was based on and he had a goatee

  15. Val

    One man’s evil is another man’s prince. Just sayin.

  16. llearch n'n'daCorna
    llearch n'n'daCorna

    I fail to see the problem with Fox having a goatee. I mean, sure, it’s an outward manifestation of his personality that might give the game away, but even so… ;-]

    • Fox

      For Halloween, you’re supposed to be something you’re not. >:)

      • McMashMead


        (And apparently in the web)

        • Fox

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