Cutting Remark

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 Our post-wedding pub crawl on Halloween. Only sad I couldn’t really do justice to everybody’s costume, or even fit everybody in!

(That werewolf guy wasn’t with us, and was creeping us out a bit…)

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Yes I know that’s not the exact quote, but it’s how I said it, because it sounds better.
I also had to say it fast because he actually stopped in his tracks when I said ‘silver’.

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  1. Not really an expert in medieval weaponry, but how often would you come across silver swords? I would expect most to be steel or iron. Granted, some ceremonial ones may be silver lined…
    Also, animal heads on animals, funny but weird.

    1. Silver Daggers are to soft to be useful in combat, let alone silver sword. A silver coated weapon on the other hand…

      that be said the silver sword (aka escape from warsaw) is an interesting book.

  2. “Dirty Furry?”
    I just wonder if the werewolf guy(kid?) recognized the quote or was just reacting to the words. 🙂

  3. Fox, what you said is hysterical and awesome! And Mandy, I LOVE the facial expressions, especially Fox’s in panel five. Fantastic job, this comic is amazing and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it! And congratulations again!

  4. Nooooooo you did the quote wrong…
    “You gotta ask yourself ‘Do I feel lucky?'”

    1. Wow, you’re so perceptive and we’re all incredibly impressed by your knowledge of pop culture.
      I’m glad you were here to point it out before anyone thought to……

    2. (Singing) “I gotta magnum in my trunk \
      so you had better ask yourself, do you feel lucky punk?
      ‘Cause I am
      trigger happy, trigger happy every day
      (trigger happy, every day)”
      –Weird Al, “Trigger Happy”

      Quote’s perfect.

  5. Damn, Fox. I didn’t realize you were Clint Eastwood. You look so much older in the movies. LOL.

        1. Good one. That one never even REMOTELY crossed my mind and I’m a notorious punster.

  6. I have always pictured silver swords and daggers as having silver inlays decorating the blade. From plain straight strips just behind the edge to elaborate decoration.

  7. Dirty Hairy?

    Also, I’m liking Seley’s dress. Are we going to get any pics?

  8. Red, White and Blue. You may or may not have meant it after what’s happened but using the colours to signify strength and coming together is, I am sure, appreciated by all.

  9. I had a blast on Halloween, even though it was only a cheap, bought Batman suit. I loved it 🙂

  10. Sadly, most of my SCA garb, Cos-play, and civil war/black powder re-enactor clothes and stuff got destroyed in a storage unit fire a few years ago. I got some hats and leather gear left, but the core items are gone. Sort of took the fun out of dress up for Halloween for me.

  11. I’m loving the look on the kid’s face inside the mouth of the mask in the 4th panel as Fox starts to draw his sword……NICE touch of detail Mandy!! 🙂

    1. Yeah. IMO her best work are expressions.

      It seems appropriate. I couldn’t see his face, but he didn’t stick around. I probably wouldn’t have either, both for comical effect and because who the hell knows how crazy a guy who’s willing to dress up in full plate will actually be on Halloween during a pub crawl and a near full moon.

      1. Exactly! A crazy guy in full plate, packin’ live steel, on Halloween, havin’ just gotten hitched to his lady love on his left……and drinkin’ LOTSA BOOZE to celebrate. 🙂 🙂

        NOT the best choice to mess with. 8-0

        And I agree wholeheartedly…..some of her best work is expressions.

        1. Addendum: To say nothing of the halberd yer new wife is totin’ in the first panel.

          1. She seemed to really want one after I told her it’s the best way to take down a guy in full plate.

          2. Makes sense. They are very effective weapons. But for the easiest possible way to kill them is when they are asleep without armor, but then you have to sneak up on a trained warrior while they sleep. Probably really hard

          3. Hmm. I wonder if Mandy was trying to tell Fox something. “Just wait until tonight. I’ll take you down, big boy.”

          4. Given that I’d been walking around in chainmail since 10am (cuz you can’t put on chainmail without screwing up your hair, and we went to stylists) and plate most of the day, totaling 75lbs of armor, including the ~2 mile hike between the pubs, and didn’t get back to the hotel until after 3am, all I wanted when we got to the bedroom was a shower and a pillow.

            The whole “night of the wedding sexy time” thing is largely bullshit. After such a full day most couples are exhausted. That’s why they go on honeymoons.

    2. It reminds me of one of the kids from Precocious. I wonder if that’s intentional

  12. Last panel all I can imagine is the classic ‘tires peeling out’ noise from old cartoons

    1. I see somebody’s a “Housepets” fan. I can’t remember the fox’s name, but I think he’s hilarious. (BTW, I agree with your statement about the sound effect.

        1. Yeah. Karishad. He’s the one that locked one of the ferrets in the ferret enclosure at the zoo. That was hilarious. He’s also insanely funny at times.

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