1. DaveEscape

    That set up must make for some intense gaming sessions.

    • Fox


      Custom-built, identical rigs and layouts designed for high-end, cooperative gaming.

      …which we have entirely no time to do anymore. 🙂
      Trying to get back into it. Actually about to play some Divinity. Yesterday was Skylanders though. *shrug* I guess if we’re not using the awesome systems at least we’re playing on a Nintendo projecting to 146 inches.
      (Another thing we hardly ever have time to use)

      • Senko

        Ah the old problem. loads of time to play games = no money to buy the best gear to play them on, earning loads of money to buy the best gear to play games on = no time to play them. At least for most of us I understand there are some individuals who have loads of money and time but no interest.

  2. Chelsea

    Omg that is one impressive computer setup! I hope to have a nice setup like that one day (although sadly I definitely don’t have Fox’s building skills).

    • Fox

      Neither did I, until I gave it a try.

      • Chelsea

        That’s a good point, everyone has to start somewhere. 🙂

      • S'aaruuk

        Fox….when you build things like this, do you draw up plans first or literally design it on the fly? When I start a project like yours, I have a mental image of what I want, and build to suit coming up with all manners of “mods” on the fly. So far, I’ve only had one project get completely bogged down in minutiae with all the little extra ‘details’ I kept adding. This ever happen to you?

        • McMashMead

          I know I design on the fly. I end up with some interesting solutions to problems that arise because I don’t want to stop. I solve on the fly

        • Fox

          Depends what I need.
          Only the patio got a ‘plan’, and Mandy sketched that.

          • Mandy

            – and only because we had to submit something to the HOA.

  3. Mopruk

    So what your saying is… Never fall asleep? Already ahead of you!

  4. sharpshot4321

    Ah HA! proof at last that fox is converting their house into a space shuttle. I knew it! 😛

  5. furrykef

    I just wanted to say that Curtailed is the most adorable comic ever.

  6. Tiido

    That last panel is so cute 😀


    • Senko

      I agree with that.

  7. Tazinator

    That looks more like a Missile Silo setup than a Nasa one to me 😉

  8. Robin Bobcat
    Robin Bobcat

    … I totally want to play Artemis on your setup.

    • Fox

      Our setup for Artemis actually uses podiums, a helm station and a ~150″ screen from a projector.

  9. stripedfox

    Panel 5: now kiss!

  10. Ra'Zharr McGrath
    Ra'Zharr McGrath

    You should see my radio room.

  11. Kristopher Tiberius Haven
    Kristopher Tiberius Haven

    Fox… I am pretty sure that at least some of that photo of the Air Force UAV pilot cockpit is classified Brother. Miiiiight want to take some of that out or blur it a bit.

    • Fox

      It’s not.
      It’s also not hosted on my site so I don’t give a damn.

  12. VulpineWarrior-91

    Love the penultimate panel – an odd mix of cute and intense.

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      Nose lick! 🙂

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