26 comments on “Dastardly Denial

  1. Just as long as no one gets into lasers, and expecting the phone to talk. Then the line will have been crossed!

    1. *ties phone to railroad tracks covered in laser bees* Okay google, tell me where you hid the cash!

      1. I want Laser bees…. I could use them to attack all my surly and annoying neighbours!! (Yeah, I know it was just a typo on your part, but I couldn’t help but run with it)

          1. I’m glad we don’t enable editing of comments.
            It’s far more entertaining this way.


      1. That’s silly. We all know that it’s going to be saved at the last second. At least I’m going to get rich off this.

  2. Not ever having had a smart-phone; with the best of intentions I would probably have tossed the phone to you up the stairs…then been horrified when it got broken. (THIS fox is just stooopid.)

  3. He’s a hard man to fool.
    I actually LOLed at this. I don’t do that often.

  4. As for your latest twitter: it took me a while to realize that ‘vbus!’ was ‘jenga’ upside down.

  5. Google Maps: “Proceed to Reading Railroad. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.”


  6. *ding*

    “The nearest railroad tracks is approximately twelve feet above you”

  7. I’m assuming the reason that Fox didn’t give her the phone is because she said please?

    1. …pssstt! You’re ID says you are James Lucke!… (You’re (also) welcome.) 😉

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