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ย The sheer number of manly/gun/oil bumper stickers on this Prius was laughable, but the absurdly insecure “NOT A LIBERAL” in big block letters was what really got to me. There’s a bit of comedic exaggeration here, but not by much…

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  1. Next thing you know, you’ll see the new Tesla cars around, and the same stickers. X3

    1. I don’t know about that. The Tesla has a lot of power, so I think they’d be a bit more secure in their manhood with one of those than a Prius.

    1. As a man with only one working eye, I do fear them every time I cross the street because you can’t hear them coming.

      1. That’s one thing I do not like about modern cars, but at the same time I understand why they are as such; quiet.
        I don’t like to hear cars on the highway (even though I am a motor head), I only like noisy, loud cars when I am in the mood to hear noisy, loud cars.
        The other day I was helping my brother move into his house and I was offloading stuff from the truck. Naturally, I was doing this on the street when I felt the wave of wind blow by and I look behind as some ***head drove his Honda minivan within inches of me. I never even heard him coming, much like his interior was tuned to keep outside noise out as I spilled a stream of profanities after him as he drove away.
        I will admit, it’s partly my fault (I was standing in the street) BUT
        a) I was helping during a move and the street was narrow
        b) if you see a MASSIVE moving van parked in front of a house, better judgement should tell you it makes sense to slow down, seeing as how furniture is moving in and out with people underneath it.

        So yes, rant aside, cars are too quiet now-a-days. They can afford to be slightly louder.

  2. Unfortunately, Iron Ed, I was indeed wrong.

    Knowing Mandy and fox have at least some interest in gaming, I was hoping for more love and homage to Iwata.

    A sad thing, indeed, but something a lot of people came together for.

    1. I decided to leave this comment up only because it’s not the first time I’ve been asked about this, so alright, I’ll set the record straight.

      Some people cope with grief by coming together for comfort and reassurance.

      I’m not one of those people. I handle grief very privately.

      My silence (in public) is not because I’m not aware of, or saddened by, the news. It’s a conscious decision to process in the way that works best for me.


      1. I understand. I meant no offense, and was in no way questioning you both or angry or anything like that. This was just a response to a comment on the previous week’s comic.

        I’m sorry if I upset ether of you in any way. That was not my intent at all.

        1. And shoot… Looking back, what was I thinking? That was kind of inconsiderate, phrasing it the way I did…

    2. Additionally, discussing pop culture and current events is better suited for social media outlets. This page isn’t designed for that.

      This isn’t a ‘trending’ RSS feed. It’s not the place for ‘love and homage’ to anything that would remind them of grief.
      It’s a web-comic. It’s designed to make people laugh and we keep things on topic so people know they can escape here for a chuckle when they’re done being beaten down by what they have put up with and read in the news all day, every day.

  3. Geez, I’ve always hated those manly/macho/gunslinger types.

    Learn some humility for goodness sake. =[

  4. Welcome to Curtailed! We are a proud Slice-Of-Life webcomic featuring two, Count ’em, TWO posts commenting about car stickers! Please follow.

    1. You’re gonna be really excited when you see how many of them are just about me being an asshole.

      1. Consider a “Fox is an asshole” bumper sticker to be your family membership card here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. The actual answer to how many comics about you being an asshole so far, and I swear to you, I just counted this, is about 68 comics to my opinion. The most ass-hole-iness in a comic so far is the “Surprise Car” comic where you try to run over children.

  5. First time I’ve been able to comment on a new comic! I’m really enjoying these!
    I think the part about this particular comic that made me laugh the hardest was the “really happened” tag. I’d love to see something like this!
    Only thing that would make it funnier would be if that car were a tiny electric, haha.

  6. At least it’s not a smart car, things look like clown cars. No excuse for driving that

    1. Sometimes I’m tempted to get one get because they are so stupid looking

    2. I actually thought of getting a Smart car. If it breaks down I can load it on the back of my brother’s pickup and haul it to the garage!

  7. I remember one time, on a friggin SMART CAR, it had a bumper sticker that said “Praise the Lord, Fuck the Ni**ers” on it.

    Needless to say I was very, VERY tempted to key the Hell out of that car…

  8. I was driving a 210″ stretched Hummer H2 with 18 clients on board (I’m a chauffeur/bodyguard IRL) on the freeway when this moron in a SMART CAR came up the acceleration ramp ahead of me, and rather than stay in the acceleration/merge lane until he matched traffic flow speed, comes over in my lane in front of me with NO SIGNALS, and going at least 15mph slower than me. It was everything I could do to NOT turn this a$$hole into a speed bump.

    Mandy….don’t YOU have a Prius? I’m remembering “strategic prancing” ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Your link didn’t work, so I’m case people are too lazy to find the second comic, here is another link

        Also great memory guys. I hAd totally forgotten she does have a prius. But she isn’t compensating for it like those people. I seriously doubt Mandy feels the need to compensate

        1. I can’t imagine Mandy needing to prove she has a big dick.

          If she ever does she could just bring Fox.

          1. It’s probably why I seriously doubt she needs to. Also I feel really dumb because I didn’t realize that until you commented

  9. Oh mercy. I’m an Over the Road Semi driver so I know a lot of people who argue and support everything on the back of that car. It’s an amazing because they look like they came off the same assembly line. Big gut, suspenders, shaggy beard, Duck Dynasty shirt, and a crazed look like they just got back from Vietnam.

  10. As someone who walks to work everyday, I personally hate these cars. Not b/c other cars aren’t also driven by liberal jerks, but b/c these ones are consistently driven by inattentive pretentious yahoos that can’t recognize crosswalks, stop signs, or that hanging up and driving is the best course of action.

    1. To be fair Mike I find a good percentage of drivers nowaday’s are like that, sadly. In fact my car is currently getting repaired because a truck driver rammed a Corolla into it when I was stopped at some lights and said it was the girl in its fault for stopping suddenly. . .

      1. That’s just it every other car type I see seems to occasionally have a nice driver. Now that I think about it this might be regional problem since I’m so close to Portlandia…

    1. My band teacher went through a midlife crisis. He had a divorce and all sorts of crap happening and he noticed that he was kinda depressed. So to have some fun he became a pirate. He is quite happy now

  11. Insecure fellow (or lady) there.
    Eh, owning a Prius, means you’re wealthy and have no need for a working-class vehicle. Why should the owner feel the need to explain it?
    People who drive trucks and SUVs generally do so because they can’t afford to own and insure two cars, but often need to haul stuff.

    1. My best friend drives a Prius. He is not wealthy, and is in fact a “working stiff” like everyone else in the bottom half of the Middle Class. I had a file cabinet in storage at his place, I finally had room to put in. He brought it down in his Prius. It accelerates like a bat outta h#ll, can haul heavy objects, is comfortable, and nicely quiet. It is his only car. (His wife has an even smaller car) Most people I know who own SUVs and large pick-ups also have their “daily commuter” and the over-sized road hogs are their weekend toy. My experience is that your assessment is perfectly backwards.

      1. So, your friend isn’t afraid to go into debt, that’s all.
        My assessment is from living in a farming community.

          1. On the contrary, I purchased my Kia Spectra a few years ago for $7500 with 58k miles. If I want a Prius with 58k miles, it’s a minimum of $13500 in a relatively local market. That’s as much as I paid for my nearly new Dodge Neon that had 17k miles. To get the price down to close to the same as my Kia, I’d have to buy a Prius with 140k miles.

  12. Priuses and other high-milage vehicles are prime targets for the practise of “rolling coal”, in which a driver with a specially modified exhaust system (usually a pickup truck) can envelope the target with a cloud of thick, black smoke. Mr. Not-A-Liberal may know some coal-rollers, and is probably trying to get them to leave him alone.

    1. “Rolling Coal” is possible only with diesel engines. It’s a trick to gain a little extra power by bypassing the safeties and dumping extra fuel into the engine. While there are exceptions, most pickup trucks have gasoline engines.

      1. A similar trick can be done with a modified gasoline engine exhaust, but there is -no- power gain; just smoke.

          1. Only the muffler/exhaust pipe. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Doesn’t really affect the engine. (Granted, I’ve never tried it but I have heard about it.)

  13. This comic makes me sad because I’m now all caught up and need to wait for updates. Fun comics though, thanks for sharing.

  14. If he has that many stickers on a Prius image how many he has on his “Hummer”

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