1. Southpaw Fox
    Southpaw Fox

    I can relate to this joke because I’m left handed as well.

  2. Browser

    I think someone just added themselves to the list.

    • Glenn

      To quote Leroy Jethro Gibbs, “Yah, think?” LOL.

      • Spector

        You have earned a trophy “Glutton for Head-slaps”.

    • Rateus

      You’re name will also go on zee list… what is it?

  3. Fox

    Holdover from Punvember

    • IBTYComics

      I was wondering what happened last week! You rescheduled for a holiday special, plus that previous comic did have the lighthearted and heartwarming humor of such a television episode. For this comic, I like the clean and crisp nature of the comic along with the close presentation similar to a newspaper comic.

  4. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    I forwarded this to my left-handed brother. 🙂

  5. Naccle

    This is now my favorite of your friends.

  6. Xezlec

    Is he a leopard or a cheetah?

    • Wolfgirl

      Cheetah. He has the long lines running down from his eyes.

  7. Glenn

    I love Mandy’s look in the last panel. You’d think by now she’d expect the puns that fly around her. LOL.

  8. Tiido

    puns <3
    *is also a lefty* lol

  9. Brighttail

    I love good puns. I even like bad puns! 🙂

    BTW the “contact me” address form on this website is bouncing back stuff. 🙁

  10. Dr. Optigan

    Well, you know what they say, “If you want something done right………..” 😉

  11. Miscreant Mutt
    Miscreant Mutt

    Thst one came from out of left field.

  12. glmdgrielson

    That was bizarre. You set up for one joke, and then nosedive into a bad pun. (THAT’S REDUNDANT!) Huh?

  13. Mako

    Wonderfully expressive artwork, bravo! 🙂

  14. differ

    *raises hand* south paw 😀

  15. Anonny

    Ooh, a volunteer!

  16. Rena

    Walked right into that one. And he walked right into her fist.

  17. Jak

    Wow… it took me so long to work that out.

  18. Kithsom

    Note: “Curtailed.com” shows the previous weeks strip for me all the time, not sure if this is intentional or not, just letting you know. (Firefox Browser)

    • Mandy Seley

      Not a clue why that’s happening, can’t recreate it on my end — been seriously hoping to move away from WordPress at some point, never fun trying to track down these things.

      Thanks for letting me know about it!

  19. kiabugboy

    I am ashamed at how long it took for me to finally get the joke..

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      And well you should be! 🙂 Kidding! Do you know how many -years- it took before I realized what,
      “Eeny, meeny, chili-beanyyy
      The spirits are about to Speak!” reeeally meant?? 🙂

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