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 I married up – you’re welcome, Mom. 🙂

Happy Leftovers Week to our fellow USA readers! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving – my family planned for far more people than were able to show up, so I anticipate I’m going to be very, very tired of turkey by December…

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I was at home, being thankful for antibiotics

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  1. Isn’t this always the case?! I get left over purple meat and white meat turkey!!!!!

  2. I’ll help with the leftover turkey!! Thanksgiving is the only day I ever get turkey. 🙁 (And turkey bologna is awful.) Leftover turkey is great in sandwiches and creamed soups. 🙂

    1. In Juarez they make rolls filled with cream cheese. They are topped with … some kind of seed on top I don’t know which XD but they are the perfect combination.
      Tasty, flaky, soft but not overly so … I haven’t met one person who does NOT like them.

  3. One can never be tired of turkey. Until I had to go on a diet, I used to eat turkey sandwiches every day I worked. No joke.

    BTW Fox, you’re a lucky man to have a mother-in-law that loves you as much as this. Whoa! I wish I was that lucky.

          1. Wait there’s more of her? Just what we need: more Richard Baseheart.

            Tom Servo!

  4. I’m the oldest of 5 kids with 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters. One sister has 4 kids and one brother has 2. Needles to say, left overs are abundant and never last more than a week. (Even after everyone takes their fair share.) One of the benefits of having a big family is you never run out of your favorite dish. LOL!

    1. I soo wish you were right! 🙂 I am the oldest of seven and we are scattered from Raleigh, NC to Seattle, WA. The two closest together are myself and one brother an hour away. (And that’s almost a four hour round trip because I have to go a half hour out of my way and pick up Dad to take with me when I visit!) The next closest is five-six hours away in TN.

  5. ” … and Fox sat here in this chair. He said it was comfy, so … here … you … goooo … “

    1. At first I thought this was a reference to Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol and I was like, “Christ on a cracker, I wasn’t that sick!”

  6. vac pacs and freezer are wonderful when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas leftovers. I stretch my leftovers over months enjoying other dishes in between.

  7. I often got along better with my mother-in-law than I did with my wife. [My ex was, by her own admission, a difficult person.] My MIL called me, “the son that she had always wished she had.” (She actually had three sons of her own, but none of them were worth a damn.)

    Bye, Margaret; may you rest in peace. I miss you.

  8. Ah, home cooking, sure beats microwave junk.
    I miss my folks, I’ve outlived that whole generation now.
    Give thanks for your people, before anything else.

  9. As someone who often goes to family gathering, I feel you there.
    Also, sorry for my long absence, been busy but now I have time to read the comics on a daily basis again!
    YAY! <3

  10. Wait so in spite of how much she had you in mind, you weren’t even there?

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