1. IBTYComics

    Amazing expression for Mandy in the second panel!

  2. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    By the same woman who texted, “COCKS!” to her whole list! 🙂

    Freezing: Temp probably wasn’t drastically below the freezing point and the deep part of the ‘lake’ still retained too much heat to freeze over thoroughly.

    • Fox

      Speaking as someone who grew up on a farm, we’d icicles and a pond, but the pond would freeze over first. Icicles require repeated thaw/freeze cycles.

      Let’s be serious though–if you stab someone with an icicle, it’s gonna leave blood. If it’s cold enough for icicles and lakes to freeze, the blood is gonna freeze in place too, leaving evidence.
      If anything the damn blood would melt the icicle, honestly. It’s 98.6 degrees. Just leave the damn thing in the body.

      • Ranstone

        Hmmm… Anyone up for a bloody mary?

        • winger

          i played a murder mystery game the second case the murder weapon was a knife made of ice the killer threw it in a pot of boiling water calming to be making spaghetti they forgot to get every thing for it tho

          • Iron Ed
            Iron Ed

            Was that one of those impromptu role-play murder mysteries where even the ‘killer’ and the game’s host did not know who the killer was? I played those twice (Fun!!) and both times the killer turned out to be…ME! (Does that say something about my potential? ;-))

  3. SquirrelWriter

    Bahahaha xD

    Re: the lake: yes, if it’s cold but not cold enough to freeze a thick layer, someone could just punch or stomp a hole straight through.

    You did awesome work with the black ink. I didn’t even realize until I read the comment that that was all you used!

  4. Spud

    I just love the expression after being told that question is just priceless. LOL

  5. Lycos

    I’ve heard a riddle based around this, but can’t remember it properly. Something about a sauna, someone being stabbed and no weapon being found.

    As for the lake, its simple. One can make their own ice weapon at home, sharp enough to kill at any time of the year.

  6. Kort

    I read a short story in college about a woman who beat her husband to death with a leg of lamb, cooked it and fed the murder weapon to the cops who came to investigate.

    • Fref

      Roald Dahl’s ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’

  7. Ranstone

    My mom did this exact same thing. She went with the bludgeon idea though. I myself can’t stab an icicle more then an inch into dirt without it breaking, but if you plan is melting the evidence, just use lead…

    Lead prolly has it’s own flaw… Maybe Mom does know best…

    • Ranstone

      Sorry to reply to my own comment, but I just noticed the hatching. Dang, looks good. I really can‘t do that, and I’ve been using those little pokey-stylus pen things with the interchangeable nibs for ever!

    • Traveller

      Lead leaves traces, which can easily be detected, because it shouldn’t normally be there. Water (from ice) is a natural component of a human body, so its presence is masked by the water that’s supposed to be there. Plus, after it melts, there’s no way to match wounds with a weapon. Result: not enough evidence to indict, let alone secure a conviction.

      • Xezlec

        I think you need to get rid of the body somehow too. Unless you own a pig farm or live near a volcano, I think your best bet is to use a good blender to turn them into mush one piece at a time, and flush them down the toilet.

      • Ranstone

        But did you notice the hatching? :3

    • Gehenna

      Eh, just mix the water with some hard poison and make the icicle, then either stab or use a blowgun to shoot the target with it (this last i saw on a movie)

  8. Mujaki

    I remember reading a story in which a woman bludgeons her husband to death with a frozen leg of lamb, puts it in the oven to defrost and cook, and then goes out to establish an alibi run some errands. Last scene, the police detectives discuss what kind of muscle-bound freak could have flattened the victim, and how they’ll have to look for the murder weapon… while complementing the widow on the delicious lamb dinner she’s serving them. It really shouldn’t go to waste, after all.

  9. VulpineWarrior-91

    Ha-ha! High school Seley is so cute! I like the inking too, and that hatching kicks ass.

    On the subject of ice weapons, why not try making an ice crossbow? The string might require some creativity, though.

  10. Adamas

    That face in panel 2 is the perfect birthday present. XD

  11. Mr. Stargate
    Mr. Stargate

    Ha! I was thinking icicle too. Since it melts thus the murder weapon can not be traced. There was a radio mystery show where some guy was betting against the horses he helped raise and was cheating by shooting them during the race with a sliver of frozen tranquilizer from an air gun. This was so they would still seem normal at the start of the race.

  12. BigBadCreepyBen

    I love your work. That face in panel two is great. If you’re looking for inspiration on what you can do with just ink I would suggest looking at Zebra Girl. Great comic. Keep up the great work!

  13. Glenn

    Love that, “Wait, what?”, look you have there Mandy. LOL.

  14. Glenn

    “And why wasn’t the lake frozen too?” Fox, you’re just thinking too much. Obviously, the lake is in another part of the country where it wasn’t frozen. The murderer took the icicle, kept it in a portable, battery powered freezer until he/she arrived in the deep south, carried the icicle to the nearest lake and just threw it in. (If you believe that, I’ve got this bridge for sale. LOL.)

    • Don Edwards
      Don Edwards

      Not necessary. Lakes and ponds freeze slowly, and only when the air above them is below freezing – and release a LOT of heat in the process, while air can’t hold a lot of heat, so if there isn’t much wind then that air gets warmed to 0 celsius pretty quickly and the freezing stops. Also, the water below the surface is warmer than the surface water – liquid water hits maximum density at about 4 degrees celsius, and expands from there to freezing – that heat will slowly transfer to help keep the surface liquid.

      This is why lakes freeze from the edges inward. If you can get close enough to the middle – a bridge can help – you can find liquid water unless it’s been notably below freezing for an extended period (details vary depending on which lake and how windy it has been).

      Turbulent rivers, such as those moving rapidly through areas of jagged rocks, also tend to stay liquid longer in cold weather. And are more likely to have bridges over them.

      Also, there are other venues for melting ice in winter. Drop it on a busy road, drop it in a toilet…

      • Glenn

        Technicalities. LOL.

  15. DaveEscape

    High School Mandy?

    Can we vote that in as a new webcomic or something? PLEASE?!?

  16. jprime

    I read a similar story when I was a kid.

  17. Omega Tengu (@Omega_Tengu)
    Omega Tengu (@Omega_Tengu)

    I remember a Roald Dahl story where a housewife kills her husband with a frozen leg of lamb and then cooks it before feeding it to the police.

  18. Treesong

    Google ‘icicle “murder weapon” mystery’ for numerous fictional examples and Mythbusters’ debunking of the possibility. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Die Hard 2 (self-defense, not murder). Initials Only by Anna Katharine Green. ‘The Tea Leaf’ by Edgar Jepson & Robert Eustace. Etc.

    • Glenn

      Wasn’t the Mythbusters episode about the ice bullet or did they do one on the icicle, too?

  19. owenwolf

    Third Panel….”Um….where’s dad?”

  20. Bruce Bergman
    Bruce Bergman

    If you took the effort to *make* an ice murder weapon, I’ll betcha you could reinforce it enough to work. A simple cylinder with post-tensioning to put it in compression… Like Cement, Ice has no strength in tension…

  21. Thisguy

    Eh, the best murder weapon is a gun. It has range and is very effective against most humans.

    Oh, you meant kill someone without anyone knowing it was you? Sorry, you need a rogue for that, subtlety is not my forte, if I want someone dead, I don’t particularly care who knows it was me.
    Here, take my Villian Card.

    • glmdgrielson

      I knew a guy who might say that.

  22. CD Rudd

    The important question is… ‘Did you clean your room?’
    Cause if you didn’t, then that information might be something ‘mom’ needs to know.

  23. Katnik

    I read a story about an astronomer who used telescope parts to build a *really* powerful spotlight, and used it to
    kill his wife’s lover. He knew the road the guy used at night, pointed the light at a dangerous curve five miles away,
    and zapped the lover at the critical moment, causing the car to run off a cliff.
    Disassembled the light and put the parts back in the ‘scope.
    Try to trace -that- murder weapon.

  24. darevenin

    It frightened more that it should…

    Perfect murder weapon? BEES!

  25. Rateus

    Was she asking your advice or setting up to tell you some trivia? Either way that’s unsettling out of the blue!

    • Rateus

      edit: Ignore that question I’ve read the caption beneath the comic now. Sorry, slow day.

  26. ndrvr

    Perfect murder weapon….
    ….does being forced to listen to “My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles” or “Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning” by Grunthos the Flatulent count…?

    • Adamas

      That’s listed as a, outlawed, cruel and unusual execution technique in 7 galaxies.

  27. Juan perez
    Juan perez

    I’m sorry but I think you just became an accomplice.

  28. glmdgrielson

    This could just as easily come from Fox. I think it did.

  29. Venalitor

    If you really want to go down that route Pykrete is your best bet.

    • Sian

      Beat me to it.

  30. Marscaleb

    She’s only asking you because she thinks you would know.

  31. Sian

    Actually fiber reinforced Iceman say fabric or sawdust oreven straw, would be tough, strong, and melt more slowly, giving you more time to work with it.

    • glmdgrielson

      Wouldn’t Iceman fabric be weak to electrical shock? Or Thunder Beam? *rimshot*

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