1. Vanbael

    Horrible pun foul? I want one of those pens as well though.

  2. Brighttail

    And if you have a cat, you name it “Net” and then cover yourself in tuna, you can get free Net ‘licks” 🙂

  3. The Aussie Bloke
    The Aussie Bloke

    *Hands Seley the Punhammer*

  4. Anne

    Does that mean we still have a chance for a pun month? Augpunst would be great!

  5. Stripedfox26

    I loved those pens when I was a kid. Scared the heck out of my 2nd grade teacher though

  6. Chase

    You should be PUNished for that joke

    • Rocker

      Overused reply to a pun is overused

  7. Welsh Rat
    Welsh Rat

    Do we need a new tag?

    Fox is a silly sausage?

  8. DaveEscape

    Derp eyes! DERRRRRP EYES!!! 8D

  9. McMashMead

    Fox’s “hee hee” is evidence that bad puns bring the maturity of the punner down to that of a small child 🙂 may be why I am sometimes considered immature.

  10. Treesong

    This is the first time I recall seeing you drawn full-face. Cute.

  11. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    I’ve always liked the shape of Seley’s eyes. Love that third panel too!

    • Rocker

      It’s like she had parallelograms for eyes…

  12. Doomwolf

    “Pens shaped like syringes” why am I stating this well I misread the pens as something phallic do to the how the N looks, it didn’t help with the shape & look of the pen in Fox’s hand.

  13. bwooom

    I have one of those pens! (it’s blue tho)

  14. Rocker

    Another successful procedure…

  15. BlueBlur62391

    Why does Fox seem girly? *BANG!*

  16. Insane Kitsune
    Insane Kitsune

    Fox’s line in the last panel sounds like something my boyfriend would say. XD He’s cheesy like that.

  17. attic rat
    attic rat

    Fox needs to draw a little heart on his arm. It would be “A pen-heart surgery.”

    I really DO apologize for that…

  18. SlyFox

    You might wanna watch it with the puns. Stephen Pastis (Pearls Before Swine) was a lawyer. He could sue you for trying to make better puns than him XD

  19. Jake

    God dammit Fox. You have the affinity of puns that could put Ms. Fortune in her place.

  20. Kyote

    Love the comic guys! I know you both have lots of stuff going on, but when you get a chance, can you update some of the links in the older comics? They still point to URLs you don’t use anymore.

  21. McMashMead

    fox’s scribbles: still better than my handwriting 🙁

    Also Mr Freeze is getting cold feet with this kind of quality puns coming out (this took me forever pls don’t shoot)

  22. Morbain

    can’t help but think this comic is related to me at fcn 2013. i had those pens with my lab coat. found at dollar store.

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