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  1. When the thing becomes a thing, that The Thing gives way to.

    It’s these kinds of things you need a thing to keep track of.

    1. I thought of the same exact comic 🙂

      Also reminds me conversations with my older sister

      Sister: you know that one movie with that one guy that does that one thing?

      Me: how do I get to the park where you are playing
      Sister: go down the one road and turn

      1. Many years ago, as we finished up wrapping Christmas presents, my wife said to me “Could you get the thingamajig off the watchamacallit and put it on the doohickey?”

        So I looked around, picked up a empty wrapping-paper roll off the carpet, and set it on the coat rack.

        She laughed and agreed that this did fit with what she had asked.

        (tags: me is an asshole)

    1. I figgered he meant the 1951 version, starring Marshall Dillon.

      Wasn’t even aware they did a remake.

      1. Two actually, one in 1982 starring Kurt Russell (very well done) and one in 2011. The 2011 version is actually a prequel ending where the 1982 version begins with the Norwegians chasing the dog with a helicopter. I have all 3 versions beginning with the 1951 version with James Arness all on DVD.

        There’s a funny story about Arness during filming. Accordingly, the makeup was pretty ground breaking and involved for its time and as such wasn’t applied at the studio. At 6’7″ to begin with, and adding about 3 more inches to his height, Arness couldn’t ride in a closed car in full costume/makeup. So one of the studio honchos took him in his convertible with the top down to the studio set. So, in 1952 we have a nearly 6’10” grey/green monster “mannequin” sitting in the passenger seat of an open car at a traffic light. Arness is looking forward when some woman pulls up alongside on their right. She looks at Arness’ make-up and makes a small gasp sound of surprise. When he hears her and turns to look at her, she screams and faints dead away at the wheel.

        The studio honcho driving figured it might be better to get off the main thoroughfare and stick to back streets to get to the studio. 🙂

  2. Will you guys also be watching the thing? The thing that happened before the thing but was made after the thing yet is still called the thing?

  3. All said, I haven’t seen The Thing either. After seeing quick glimpses from various top ten videos from Youtube. I’d come to a conclusion that The Thing would freak me out. 😛

    1. All Skippy had to do was put a “The” in front of their name and all that confusion could have been avoided…but then, of course, it wouldn’t have been funny…

  4. Whenever someone uses the phrase: “Now Here’s The Thing” , that’s when Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four should enter.

  5. My DM got mad at me once. Everyone had between session stuff to text to him, I was waiting, got bored and looked at him “Did you get the thing I sent you?”, at his confusion, I repeated it in every way I could from Harvey Birdman. After a bit, my entire gaming group got in on it, quoting the show, one guy did a spoken word version of the main title, the entire time telling the DM that he’d love the show, all the while avoiding telling him what show we actually were telling him about. We couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen it as it was up his alley.

    After finally driving him up the wall, we told him the show, his response “OH! I love that show!”… we didn’t get anything done that session because we spent the rest of it making fun of him.

  6. Where would you get one? Volkswagen stopped making those Things years ago.

  7. Man. I’ll be honest, I’ve been reading the comic for years, and I still wish I knew you guys in real life. You both seem like decent people to chill with, really.

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