1. Thisguy

    I love Seleys expression in the third panel, thinking “now THATS and idea!”

    • Ajedi32

      To me it looks more like a “Hmm, maybe…” XD

      • Ajedi32

        Opps, I meant the fourth panel.

    • Glenn

      Are you sure that isn’t a “I’m having second thoughts about this.” look? LOL. Of course, it could just as easily be, “Maybe he’s got something there.”

    • Thisguy

      Damn, I meant the forth panel

  2. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    For some reason panel three made me think of a…hamster? 🙂 Maybe it’s the round-cheeked face and stubby arms. LOL

    I like that Seley actually appears to be considering Fox’s idea in panel four!

  3. Jake

    Tank dress.



    • Achezuli

      So you too had eye-gasms seeing that third panel…? XD

    • Hinoron

      If they do do this, the mini-segway will be necessary, mainly because she won’t be able to walk under her own power weighed down with all that metal. 😛
      Next thing to check would be the weight tolerances of the mini-segway.

  4. AlyxVixen

    Tank Dress… Nah!!

    Go for the Tactical Dreadnaught Wedding Dress!!!

  5. Karmakat

    FUNNIEST for me at least is that she seems to be CONSIDERING IT hehe

  6. Mopruk

    Silly Fox, I don’t think your girlfriend is an ugly squid monster. Or maybe…

  7. Gregg

    It’s a special occasion, you should upgrade to the terminator powered wedding armor. Only the best under the glory of the emperor.

  8. VulpineWarrior-91

    That “Tank Dress” – awesome and cute at the same time! And that’s not an easy balance to achieve! Great stuff.

  9. Glenn

    Fox is a Dr. Who fan. Only they would get the “EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” reference. LOL.

    • Silly Zealot
      Silly Zealot

      I never saw a single episode and I understood it.

      Yes, kids. Dr. Who is THAT famous.

  10. Felis Manul
    Felis Manul

    Hm, this “tank dress” reminded me Sisters of battle from Dawn of War: Soulstorm

  11. Tiido

    LOL ! This is awesome on so many level 😀
    You two are wonderful ~

  12. McMashMead

    They need a Mage and some sort of carry/dps. Best man and maid of honor perhaps?

  13. Vanbael

    No, I don’t want Seley Dalek! And please no Seley weeping angel either! D:

  14. Fox

    “Oh that looks different. Did Mandy and Fox make a new dress?”

    • Fox

      I’m not enough of a geek to have remembered that line from the show to reference here, but I am too much of one to let something so appropriately relevant on so many levels not get posted here after I saw it.

  15. Welsh Rat
    Welsh Rat

    What else but a Sealek to fight Doctor Fox?

    • Fox

      Not too far off, actually.
      We take separate vacations, and mine is typically to just get in the car and drive. Just pick a direction and go. Stop when something looks interesting, you get hungry, or need to sleep. No obligations, no responsibilities, no plans. Hotwire for hotels, bars for food, bartenders for information.
      Most, when told, don’t believe you’re actually doing what I just described. That might just be me though; a lot of people seem to question why anyone would wear a tie while on vacation.

      Sometimes, this is while alone. Sometimes, I make friends. Sometimes I go back to visit friends.
      And sometimes I ask someone what they’re doing on a weekend and if they’d like to go on an adventure. I provide the transportation, money, wit, charm, protection and ideas. They’re along for the ride and experience.

      But all my companions are female. 🙂

  16. Chelsea

    I never knew just how much I wanted a tank dress until now. *A*

  17. May

    The Emperor would approve of such a dress! FOR THE EMPEROR.

    • Silly Zealot
      Silly Zealot

      Figures. They make one Dawn of War strip and the site winds up crawlingg with Warhammer 40k fans!

      …..I’m glad! For the imperium!

  18. gthefurrybiker (Gordon Archibald)
    gthefurrybiker (Gordon Archibald)

    I go on adventures with my motorcycle club, mostly around the highlands of Scotland. No hotels, just a tent and sleeping bag, usually set up camp next to a loch and build a fire. Brilliant. Also, i assume you guys pronounce ‘ou’ as ‘ooooooo’ like you Canadians do in the word ‘about’? I always find various accents and colloquialisms very interesting 🙂

    • Fox

      The camping road trip thing always appealed to me.
      The lack of a shower did not. So maybe if you’d a heater, or one of those hanging bladders that’s black so it heats in the sun…though my understanding is that Scotland gets about as much sun as Seattle. 🙂

      O.o Why do you think we’re Canadian?

      • Welsh Rat
        Welsh Rat

        It maybe because, when Precociuos did an ‘alt-reality’ story, Sealey and yourself represented the Canadaverse.

        • Fox

          This was Mandy’s suggestion as well.
          I’d remembered something about my character dressed as RCMP, but I couldn’t remember why.

      • Hinoron

        I don’t know why they’d think so either.
        Haven’t we seen you holding an assault rifle in this comic a while ago?

  19. jprime

    Seley looks adorable with the petticoat gathered in her arms. I imagine her saying the word was the same.

  20. bob!

    my niece had a Doctor Who themed wedding. Guys were dressed as #10 including tennis shoes, women in blue, grooms cake TARDIS. a fez was passed around during the reception.

  21. gthefurrybiker (Gordon Archibald)
    gthefurrybiker (Gordon Archibald)

    Yup, Welsh Rat hit the nail on the head. For some reason i thought the crossover comic represented your homeland, and Seley’s use of ‘ou’ made me think ‘Canada’. Apologies for my misunderstanding!

    As for camping in Scotland, we do get a fair bit of sunshine in the summer but it isn’t as hot as over the pond so you don’t generally get really sweaty and smelly. It can get really cold at night but i ride in a two-piece set of Alpine Stars leathers so i just sleep in them if it’s freezing. Not the comfiest but after a few beers i zonk out no problem 😀

    Lastly, armoured dress? Aye! Please build one, Fox 😉

  22. TomRedlion

    Nice Dr Who reference there. I also like the Warhammer 40K references.

    I approve of the “Tank Dress”. For the Emperor!

  23. Silly Zealot
    Silly Zealot

    Should this strip truly go under the “really happened” tag? 25% of it is potential/work-in-progress dress designs!

    • Greyryder

      Doesn’t mean the discussion didn’t actually happen.

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