24 Hour Comic Day 2015

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 I used 24-hour comic day as another hourly comic day – where you draw a comic about what you’re up to every hour that you’re awake. Ideally I’d start in the morning, then draw a comic every hour that I’m awake, until I reach 24 of them (so if it runs into the next day, keep going). As you can see, I got a little sidetracked — oops!

It’s a fun exercise, even if sometimes it feels a little overwhelming. We took it as an excuse to take a break from wedding stuff and indulge in Rawr Warhammer Bang Bang Shoot instead.

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“As you can see, I got a little sidetracked”
Translation: We started drinking.

I don’t know how much it costs to have a locksmith help you break into your car, but now I’ll never know, cuz I got into mine for $25 and now I get to keep the tools! 😀

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  1. Just curious, how long was Fox’s car stuck at the office? It seems like you ordered the kit online, so there would’ve been a wait for it to be shipped to you.

        1. I know somewhere there is 1-hour shipping. I believe it is in London, but I could be wrong.

          1. A few of the major cities in the U.S. do this too. It’s entirely dependent upon the location to which the item is being shipped and what’s stocked in a nearby warehouse.

  2. Thank you for the car one – you make me feel a little less crazy, I locked my keys in my car whilst it was running – this was actually pretty hard work – and we couldn’t make the coat hangar thing work at all. So I started to doubt myself it was a thing. Evidence!

    Hi, btw, from Precocious! 🙂

    Got too many super cute moments at once because sketches, yay, but I think my favourite is the “wake up” panel. I just realised though… If you’re always killing bugs… You’ve suddenly got a lot in common with spiders :p

    1. I operate out of routine. I can’t remember the last time I locked my keys in the car, but it’s been over a decade.

      It happened this time because I was interrupted. My co-worker called just as I was shutting down the car, so instead of the keys being pulled out of the ignition with my right hand, put in my left and pocketed, they were pulled out of the ignition, and set down to answer my phone.

      That’s really all it takes for some things.

      1. Does your car not have the “pull the driver’s door handle and I’ll unlock” feature or would it have been too hard/impossible to get the handle

        1. The 2005 Scion Xb does not have said feature.
          It also does not have a manual flip lock near the handle.
          It can only be opened by pulling the flat door lock pin by the window, or pressing the unlock button.
          Which, if you look at your car, is very likely the button to the furthest left on your driver’s side door controls. This makes it difficult or impossible to see from outside the door, and thus harder to strike with a tool run through the door. This is an anti-theft mechanism. I can’t see this button from outside the door on any of my vehicles.

          1. Ah yeah our 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT has a thing on the driver’s side where you can just pull the handle and it unlocks the door.

          2. With mine, you literally have to open the passenger side door, get out, shut the driver side door which will lock all doors, then go to the other side, throw your keys into the car, and then shut the door. Or in other words my driver side door cannot lock unless locked from the outside or by someone inside and only when the door is shut

  3. It may be different where you live but for my city, a call to the police departments non-emergency number will get you a free unlock. There have been plenty of times I’ve been at work and a squad car drives into my gate. Of course the contractors rarely think it may be a good idea to tell security there are police on the way.

    1. I thought about trying this, but have heard horror stories of cops scratching the living hell out of your door trying to get the slim jim to open it.
      They don’t care about your car; they’re just doing their job.

      I managed to do it without scratching my paint at all.

    2. The police are always after me. Something about stealing souls or some other. I have no idea

    1. What snarky, quick, and dynamic intelligence lies behind those beady black orbs?

    2. Also, happy tail-swingy I-just-did-something-bad-but-it’s-okay-because-it-was-fun fox

  4. Are there any “good guys” in dawn of war? I one I have played was dark crusade, and everyone seemed either racist or just wanted everything dead.

    1. Nope. Part of the setting, the Imperium of Man is just the Least Bad faction.

      Warhammer 40k is a terrible, terrible place to live.

      1. I’ve heard it described as “1990s-era Somalia with Steampunk and powersuits.”

        1. With maybe the exception of the chaos forces, good and evil is really defined by what faction you’re in. Warhammer 40k is basically a universe sized war zone, so most common standards of good and evil pretty much get thrown out the window and riddled with bolter fire. Still a great game though. I think I got more hours logged on that game and its expansions then any other ><.

  5. Locksmiths called out of emergencies, like to open your car can cost anything between £35-150 ($53-229) on regular hours and days… this cost can (and usually does) double on holidays and out of hours…

  6. How dear you insult the imperium of man… Also, number one is way better, even though two has amazing graphics… Also their not bugs… I’m not sure if you don’t say it because you forgot (understandable) or if there’s another reason (still understandable) just surprised you play warhammer to be honest

    1. Easily; he is by far my favorite in the whole of Dawn of War 2. He’s just so angry all the time!

      1. And his character has also some actual depth, although that comes out mostly in Chaos Rising. Relic really knew how to write Space Marines. :p

    2. I find him more useful than Tarkus, which sucks cuz I like Tarkus.

      Between him and Thule, it just doesn’t make sense to use anyone else.
      Mandy uses Commander and Thad.

      I wish Cyrus wasn’t so worthless. Maybe he’s more useful in higher difficulty settings or something to pull enemies, but we’re so damn overpowered right now it doesn’t even make sense to slow down. We steamroll everything.
      On defense missions I just take out Terminator Avitus and kill the entire map while Thule barrages wave after wave of incoming, and Mandy slaughters anything that gets too close.

      1. I found cyrus to be very situational. If you know you’re going into a map where the enemy is going to be dug in, Cyrus with a sniper rifle and lots of explosives does wonder, but other then that, he’s only really good for carrying lots of boomies.

        Tarkus is more of a swiss army knife then anything else I found. He’s really good for certain situations cause he can be equipped for different roles, but doesn’t have the muscle that the others have unless you’re lucky enough to get some really good war gear.

        1. Maybe in the beginning, but after Avitus got a rocket launcher, I found it easier (and faster) to just destroy dug-in positions from afar.
          Then once he got terminator armor, he and Thule made Tarkus obsolete. Even his infinite grenade spam was worthless. Trying to satchel buildings with Cyrus or nade them with Tarkus was a waste of time. Thule and Avitus could destroy the buildings faster with bullets alone. And Tarkus couldn’t nade spam enemies because of friendly fire. He was so slow to get up and throw the nade that Thaddeus would frequently hop into the pile of baddies while the nade was still in mid-air, land, and get hit by Tarkus’ nade. It became a liability.

  7. The more I read these comics the more I like Fox. He’s got my sense of humor. I just love to make puns like he obviously does. You, Mandy, obviously have an equally great sense of humor to put up with his. LOL.

    1. There’s a character in the game called Davian Thule. He’s in this mech thing that, when upgraded, gets golden trim. I play as this character.

      During one mission I was leading the pack with this guy, and something ambushed us, and attacked Thule. Thule responded by simply grabbing the enemy with his claw, crushing him in it, slamming him into the ground and then flinging the corpse into the forest.
      That was the end of combat. It was very matter-of-fact and was over before it began, leaving us motionless and silent, until I said:
      “…That’s why no one breaks the Golden Thule.”
      Mandy: (Immediately) “stop.”

      1. ROFLMAO. I didn’t even read the whole quote and I started laughing. Fox, you and Mandy are a very lucky couple. You are friends as well as lovers. That tells me that you two are destined for a long and happy life together.

      2. Dreadnaught, the mech thing is called a Dreadnaught… for good reason!

  8. A lot more than I got done yesterday. Favorite is finding a cashew in the Starship Troopers getup.

    A wooden wedge or two and a small hook from 1/4″-ish stock (since you’re forging now) also work very well to umm, retrieve keys….definitely not breaking in, officer. Yes I can prove it…once I get in. The handcuffs really aren’t necessary. Sigh….flashbacks.

    1. Yeah. I brought copper and brass. The copper isn’t strong enough to push the button without bending, but fortunately it could get to the keys.

      I doubt there will be a next time, but if so I’d bring steel.

  9. You guys playing Dawn of War 2 should wait until Avitus gets the heavy bolter called the “Never-Ending Hail of Devastation”

    That weapon is like a mid-level upgrade for Avitus but it is so unbelievably powerful it’s actually not even worth upgrading Avitus to Terminator armor. Combine that with focus fire, the force commander’s inspiring shout, and Avitus with his energy slot upgraded all the way?

    Not even vehicles can stand before Avitus.
    Always Angry, All the time!


    I recommend boosting energy for all your squads to max. It is really helpful, especially during the crazy difficult later missions.

  10. AND if you play DoW2 on a really nice sound system, the sounds of the weapons and explosions are just glorious. (As shown on panel 2000)

    1. Probably his other car. I remember seeing somewhere that Fox and Mandy have 2 or 3 total between them.

    2. Both. Kept his Scion when he got the Charger, it’s his everyday commute vehicle (the Charger is fun but the price of gas ain’t).

      1. Mandy, I don’t know where you live; but, here where I live, gas is running close to $2.00/gal. Of course, I wouldn’t own a Charger or any other Mopar (too much bad luck with them); but, with gas prices pretty low here, you could drive that Charger back and to to work without a second thought.

        1. I could. But its tank is twice as big as the Scion’s, and yet it still manages to drain it twice as fast.

          I treat the cruiser like a treat. I’ll drive it once a week, or to special events.
          Thinking of putting it into garaged storage from first to last snowfall.

  11. You guys need to realize, there’s no real ‘good’ guy in Warhammer. There’s only the Definitely more Evil (Chaos, Nids, Necrons) and everyone else. And Orks. WAAAAAAAAAAAGH

    1. Pretty much. You are only the “bad guys” if you don’t get “grim dark” and “endless war.” At least the Space marines *try* to protect their people.

  12. Hey Mandy thanks for the tips you gave me awhile back they’ve worked great. I want to ask permission to put you and fox in my next comic if that would be okay?

    1. Glad I was able to help!

      Fox and I are cool with cameos – be sure to let us know the link so we can check it out! 🙂

  13. So what tools did you get? And how did it make more sense to order them and wait for them to be delivered? Amazon Prime Now perhaps?

    1. Just a felling and air wedge. I had thick wire laying around already.
      So my options were paying whatever a locksmith would charge to let me in my car, money that would only result in services rather than assets, or I could two-day some inexpensive tools and do the job myself.

      A co-worker drives right by my house on his way home, so he dropped me off.
      The tools could have taken a week to get here. I own three cars so there wasn’t any rush. Part of the reason I bought the Dodge was in case I broke the Scion working on it, as the Blazer is garaged an hour south.

  14. FOX!

    Are you a member of your local Blacksmith’s guild or group?

    Also, if you guys like to do armor and stuff… have you considered the local S.C.A. kingdom as well?

    1. Nope and nope.
      I don’t really stick with interests. I find a realm of expertise I don’t know, gain a considerable amount of knowledge, skill and capabilities in it, then lose interest and go learn something new. Next up will probably be learning guitar, pyrography or electrical engineering. Or all three. Then Star Citizen when it comes out.
      I’m a collector. But instead of objects (Unless you count tools) I collect skills. I’m a jack of all trades, master of a few.
      So it doesn’t make sense to join a group about it.

  15. at 0900 fox looks like he’s channeling another Fox of web comic fame

  16. This is by far the best 24 hour comic I’ve ever read. It’s like good stand-up; once I start, I can’t stop laughing.

  17. I draw so slow if I did a 24 hour comic about what I was doing that day it would just 24 panels of me drawing the previous hour.

    1. Whoops, supposed to be DaveB. That’s what I get for reaching across the table and typing one handed.

  18. Outstanding! A comic every hour about whatever you’re doing at the moment–It’s like Twitter, but with comics! I like it!

    …For Netflix, I suppose you picked something nostalgic…

    1. Nah. Since they like killing bugs, it was probably that extremely terrible version of a great book, “Starship Troopers.” LOL.

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