Fox\ She never lets me do anything fun

Seley\ We live in a town house, where we share walls with our neighbors. “Occasional neighbor noise” is just part of the territory.Usually you’d handle that with a quick phone call asking them to keep it down. “Oops, sorry,” lower the decibels, problem solved, aye?

Instead, we get condescending emails (that we obviously don’t see until much later, when the noisy party/project/etc is already over) chastising us for disrupting “the entire neighborhood” (he hasn’t asked, but he knows everyone else is mad about it too). We’ve just started ignoring him, but it’s fun to brainstorm creative ways we could help him cope. 🙂

(No gift spoilers in this by the way – sorry Mike, I did not actually get you a Dreamcast controller.)

Fox\ Tagged as ‘reality inspired’
AKA: ‘Fox /almost/ did this, talked about doing it and put some real thought into it.’