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She never lets me do anything fun

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We live in a town house, where we share walls with our neighbors. “Occasional neighbor noise” is just part of the territory.Usually you’d handle that with a quick phone call asking them to keep it down. “Oops, sorry,” lower the decibels, problem solved, aye?

Instead, we get condescending emails (that we obviously don’t see until much later, when the noisy party/project/etc is already over) chastising us for disrupting “the entire neighborhood” (he hasn’t asked, but he knows everyone else is mad about it too). We’ve just started ignoring him, but it’s fun to brainstorm creative ways we could help him cope. 🙂

(No gift spoilers in this by the way – sorry Mike, I did not actually get you a Dreamcast controller.)

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AKA: ‘Fox /almost/ did this, talked about doing it and put some real thought into it.’

32 comments on “Presents

  1. This would be the time to set up microphones around the neighborhood that record what’s going on when you make noise.

    If you don’t catch anything on them, you can call your neighbor’s bluff with proof.

  2. Aluminum Foil: The only wrapping paper you will ever need.

  3. Would you like some cheese to go with whine, sire? No? Well, keep whining because I’ll play my music as loud as I want. XD

  4. Whenever we were working in a neighborhood like that, we would wait to start working until after 9am. We only had a problem once, and the cop told the guy to stop wasting his time.

    I don’t think I could ever live in a place like that. My guns, improvised weapons, cannons, vehicle projects, home protects, etc. would scare everyone.

  5. I’m living in student accommodation at the moment, and my noisy neighbors (drunk students) have a tendency to chant the number ‘seven’ in the middle of the night. While I haven’t complained yet (I’m just glad It’s not ‘six’), could anyone suggest an appropriate gift to give them a hint, with out coming off as a “whiny neighbor”?

  6. A single pair of passive sound deadening ear plugs would be much more economical, than all those disposable ones. Amazon has some.

    Just trying to help. 🙂

  7. The shared wall is not the Bedroom wall I hope. But I know the situation in my student days I liived in a studio flat that shared a wall with a neighbour 8)

  8. I loved the Dreamcast. And it’s built-in, portable, memory card/handheld game system.

  9. Cruel woman. Don’t tease someone with a Dreamcast controller! My old barber use to get back at loud neighbors who partied all night by waiting until early morning and cranking up Scottish marching music.

    1. The father of my noisy neighbors worked at night while his boys partied.
      I made it a point to wake -him- up mid-DAY.

    2. Cranking up Scottish music is no substitute for playing it live. My bagpipes are somewhere in the 110-115db range. Pain threshold is around 90db.

      1. Which reminds me of the joke about Bagpipers walking around while they play to get away from the noise.

  10. Wait, so you haven’t actually done any of that yet? Why wait? Or are you going to ask some other neighbors what their opinions are so that you can make it a ‘neighborhood present’ for him?

  11. We have a neighbor who threatened to sue us for overwatering our lawn and therefore flooding hers. We then started to record whenever she turned on her sprinklers. We counted twice a day for several hours. Ours only went off every other day 🙂

  12. DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.

    I once gave a bottle of Midol to a manager of mine. Anonymously, of course. I’m rude, not stupid.

  13. What’s the bird? It’s not Famous Grouse, it’s not Grey Goose, it’s not Wild Turkey. Can’t think of any booze with a flamingo logo. 🙂

  14. It’s okay Sis. Not sure what I’d do with a Dreamcast controller on a PS3 anyhow. Play Crazy Taxi maybe.

  15. The guy at the far end of the street actually called the Bureau of Indian Affairs to see if they could force me to sell my house to his boss. That should get some prize for inventive stupidity.

  16. The only time my neighbour really complained was when i set of an explosion with enough force to shake his conservatory. Fair enough.

  17. I’ve lived in this house since 1960. I’ve made one neighbor actually move with a Tesla Coil demonstration to a Deputy Sheriff, (that SHE called) and another to give up calling the cops about my testing out repaired guns in the garage (FFL and Clearing Barrel) when a Sheriff’s car and State Trooper pulled up in my driveway one morning and they left me several of their personal guns to work on. NOTHING I do surprises my neighbors any more and nobody ever seems to complain. At least the cops havn’t been here in the past 14 years. :^D

  18. There is a reason I won’t live in a suburb ever again. If I own land I bloody will do with it what I want.

  19. Dammit…..wrong key combo =(

    As I was saying, I live in a subdivision, on a lake and there is no HOA here that I know of. Least wise I’ve never paid any ‘dues’ for one. I do what I damn well please with my land and house and no one says squat to me about anything.

  20. I’m all for being polite and thoughtful and all that, but yeah–you can’t let someone else’s hypersensitivities run your life. An interesting reply to the neighbor’s emails might be, “Yet oddly enough, YOU are the only one complaining.”

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