The Creative Process

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I think puns get a bad rep, I rather like ’em.

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Ermagherd gersberms

No pun intended

For the record I specifically said “Why did you make *me* the one saying the ‘ground beef’ pun? That was your schtick.”

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Because I’m the artist so I can “make” you say whatever I want. 😀

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  1. Ack, no. There’s a whole (nonfurry) book of those limbless puns: A Book Called Bob by Sean Kelly, from 1984. Don’t add to the corpus.

  2. I love puns and other cleaver word play. But that’s probably a side effect of how much ‘extra’ lessons I got in grammar due to my dysgraphia.

    1. And now I wonder whether ‘cleaver’ is supposed to be a pun or just an example for dysgraphia 😉

      1. It’s an example of why spell checkers are not a cure for dysgraphia 8( it was meant to be clever

        1. And you are just to honest. That would have worked as a pun if you just rolled with it. But yea, spell checkers saves me from loads of mistakes, but sometimes they can trip you up.

          If you’re lucky it can turn into a clever pun, but if you’re unlucky you can end up feeling that taking a cleaver to the forehead might not be a bad thing…

  3. I’d read this if every comic before this one, likewise for every comic after this one, were changed into puns, whether terrible or clever.

  4. I’ve always thought you Crackers but now I know you get the jokes from them/write the jokes FOR them (delete as appropriate)

    1. I’m made of excellent puns. Which is of course to say that crappy puns are just a matter of perspective.

      In short, there’s probably a reason I’m feeling rather flushed right now.

  5. The art in panel 4-5 looks familiar… Secondly, the expressions in the entire strip give such depth of character… luv.

  6. Everybody likes puns. Literally everyone. Anybody who says they don’t is just mad that they didn’t think of it themselves.

  7. Puns work best when they aren’t lampshaded or otherwise called attention to. They need to sneak into the victim’s mind and roost until they’re discovered.

  8. These jokes may call for corporal pun-isment. But those two frames reminded me that I kind of miss your more toony art style you started with.

  9. Yaaaaaay new curtailed!! 🙂

    Love the christmas themed shirt n’ hoodie

  10. Punvember is a horrible idea. We need a whole year of puns!

    (And to change the subject, Fox seems to have more chin fur than the previous strips.)

  11. I love your comic, it always makes me laugh!

    Personally, I don’t think puns are universally bad. I find a lot of them to be good, actually.

    Then again, I have a questionable sense of humor. I’ve been known to tell what my family has dubbed “Chuck Jokes” (So named for my father’s frequent use of bad puns).

  12. It may just be my lack of english grammar, but I’m not sure wether you’re calling ‘making Fox say whatever you want’ the benefit or the purpose of being the artist

  13. Should I be worried that Fox looks calmer than ever, in the last panel, whilst Seley looks kinda maniacal?

  14. I absolutely LOVE how Seley looks in the first panel. Her face is lovely. My only observation is that her neck needs to be just a little bit thicker. Maybe it’s just the perspective, but comparatively, the neck seems too narrow/thin for the size of her head.

    Since moving away from the ‘bobble-head’ cartoony style you started with, not only has your artwork gotten SOOO much better, both Seley and Fox look MUCH more believable. :^D

  15. You know I made this same joke like a million times today. My friends all thought it was pretty punny. Now I need I punch them in the face for like terrible puns.

  16. Lol I made an even worst pun today. I slapped someone with my beanie and said, You’ve just BEAN slapped!”

    1. And now I have plagued my friends with terrible puns. This one goes like this: what do you call a potato that is being a jerk? A Dick-tater!

  17. Made this joke to a mechanic at one of the shops I deliver to. He immediately told it to a woman from the front sales desk…

    John: “Hey, Lauren! What do you get when you run over a goose?”
    Lauren: “What?”
    John: “Goosebumps!”
    Lauren: “You’re an idiot.”

    Lauren never hesitated nor batted an eye. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. On the contrary, I think you’ll gain ALL the readers.

    I don’t see why puns get such a bad rep. Sometimes they can actually be pretty funny.

    What did the fisherman say to the magician?

    “Pick a cod, any cod!”

  19. I can’t stop laughing. I just started reading your comic few days ago and I love it so much!
    I wonder if each pages are true based on your life?

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