1. IBTYComics

    Ha! I especially enjoyed the anime-dashing, flowing tie and belt, dress on the tail, hair covering Mandy Seley’s eye, and the greeter’s nervous smile. I noticed the “Stink Not” deodorant. Is that the competitor to “Yay! Antiperspirant.”? I guess Fox made the rematch more sporting by not using magic powers. Is that toothpaste or is he rabid about competition?

    • Cpt. Obvious
      Cpt. Obvious

      Mandy in a towel!
      Sorry, did you say something?

  2. Browser

    I can’t tell if that’s a sock, or a boot.

  3. Xezlec

    I have to ask — just how reality-inspired is this?

    • DaveEscape

      Should be coming up on their twitter feed, soon, I suspect.

  4. drakeye

    i can just picture it in my head comic book Mandy practiced for days to get faster to match or beat anime sequence fox….only to find out a evil twin fox nefariously temporally stole his transformation powers

  5. Ironbadger

    There are some things where it does not pay to be competitive….

    For everything else, theres Mastercard. ;P


  6. VulpineWarrior-91

    Well, Mandy and Fox are both showered and out the door. Two outta three ain’t bad.

    Love Fox’s love-heart boxers too!

    • DaveEscape

      It’s like the collared shirt; it just HAS to be there.

      • Drakeye

        and the hairbrush is so fashion forward

    • Glenn

      And dressed. She never specified that they had to be COMPLETELY dressed. LOL.

  7. DaveEscape

    Well, at least they are clean.

  8. jprime

    Why even bother with a sock this time of year?

    • DaveEscape

      I just noticed they are trailing water; so, a wet sock.

  9. Glenn

    Ah, some competitions are just TOO good to pass up. We’ll see this again. LOL.

  10. AlyxVixen

    Given both were wet and not completely dressed, does that mean neither won?

  11. Ashonai

    In both races, Mandy ended up with something on only one foot by the end.

  12. glmdgrielson

    I’m surprised the waiter’s the first to notice.

  13. Wolfgirl

    I was not expecting that ending XD My favorite moments in the mad dressing scramble are Fox’s heart boxers – do heart boxers even exist in the real world, or are they purely for cartoons – and Mandy’s mad flossing.

    In other news, I’ve been reading the comic for a while, but never commented. So, hi! I love Curtailed and hope you keep doing this for a very long time 🙂

  14. Dranorter

    But who won?

  15. Rocketroo

    No shirt no shoes no service…. Nope, nothing about no pants. This way sir.

    • jprime

      Pretty sure the lack of shoes wouldn’t be an issue here.

  16. The_Pink_Spartan

    When I want to really impress my wife, I take advantage of a few tricks I picked up in the Army for getting ready fast. All it takes is a little bit of preparation the evening before.

    Pre-select your outfit. (very easy to do in the service as I pretty much wore the same damn thing every day) Move your selected shirt/pants/jacket together so you can grab them all at once, but be sure to keep them on separate hangars. If you have a walk-in closet, positition them directly in-line with or adjacent the door. Alternatively, just keep a few outfits arranged like that in position for a quick grab.

    Keep a few pairs of socks ready to “roll out” – roll them up as if you were going to put them on, then place them in the front of your sock drawer.

    Don’t actually tie your shoes – Pull the laces tight, do a single hitch, then tuck the laces in to deal with later.

    And this one is more recent – zipper ties. I haven’t tied a tie in five years, and it looks ten times better than a clip-on.

  17. Ironbadger

    Might be a bit off topic, but-

    The waitress is very cute.
    I am curious though, is she a Husky, or a Pomeranian?
    Or some other curly tailed breed?
    I’m not good at identifying dog breeds, I’m afraid.


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